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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of questions that are commonly asked about internships. If you have any other questions, stop on by the Career Hub (Melrose 010) and let us know!

How do I find an internship?

Finding an internship is very much like finding a job. Determine what type of experience you seek, explore to find where such experience exists, network to meet people and learn more about the organization, apply and interview for the internship. There are many online resources to assist in your internship search.

How do I earn credit for an internship?

Many academic departments offer internship credit - talk to your advisor about this prior to your internship, arrangement and paperwork must be submitted before the start of the internship. Consider elective credit through the Office for Career Development if you don’t qualify for your major internship credit, if you are doing an internship outside your area of study, or if you are completing an exploratory internship.

Can I get credit for a paid internship?

Yes! Pay and credit are not mutually exclusive.

Do I have to complete an internship?

Most majors encourage internships and some do require them. Talk to your advisor about requirements for your major, and see our Department Requirements page for more information.

Can I complete more than one internship?

Yes! Up to ten internship credits count toward graduation. And, the more experience you have the better!

What if I don’t have a car?

Find an internship in McMinnville! There are lots of great companies and non-profits in our community where you can gain experience.  Try a keyword search in CatConnect for more specific searches. 

I’ve not heard of this organization. How do I know if the internship is a scam?

Talk to someone in the Career Development Hub to obtain guidance on researching an organization. Be wary anytime you are asked to pay an application fee, or pay money to them. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I want to do an internship abroad. How does that work?

There are programs that help you find an internship abroad. Linfield is affiliated with the IE3 Internship Program. This experience can be completed much like a semester study abroad program. Click to learn more about IE3 Internship Opportunities.

Can I do an internship at home over the summer?

Yes! Make sure you take care of all the paperwork and sign up for the class before you start your internship. Credit for a summer internship can be earned during summer or fall semester.

What if my internship has nothing to do with my major?

This is a great time to earn credit through one of the elective internship options. Internship credit within a major is often reserved for capstone experiences, and the elective internship course is designed for exploring.  For more information on elective internship please visit the Career Exploration Internship Page.

Does an internship satisfy any LCs?

Yes, internship credit satisfies an EL. Some internships qualify for an elective in your major. Talk to your advisor about this.  Visit our Unique Linfield Internship Page for opportunities offered by Linfield.

What about these programs that carry a scholarship for an unpaid internship?

There are programs that allow you to earn a scholarship and credit for completing an unpaid internship. Talk to Kristi Mackay in Career Development or Jeff Peterson in the Linfield Center for the Northwest for more details.