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An internship is an excellent way to apply your coursework to the world of work. Internships are a form of experiential learning in which you learn about a career that interests you through direct experience with an organization. Internships are more meaningful than part-time or summer jobs.  There is a focus on a project and an opportunity to reflect on the learning that takes place through your internship experience.  Types of internships vary widely; internships can be done throughout the year, can be paid or unpaid, and are available locally, nationally, and internationally.

Meet Our Interns

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Kelly Carmody

Kelly Carmody, a student interested in media and film, found an internship at the Dawson Media Group in Portland through an internship site called InternMatch. Through this experience, Kelly explored media and discovered her immense interest in film production and film business management.

Michael Metter

Junior Michael Metter was able to apply his physics major in a working environment when he interned at Torex Gold Resources, a mining company. The internship, based in Nuevo Balsas, Mexico, provided him with the opportunity to meet new people and experience the cultural differences".

Riley Stormont

This past summer, Riley Stormont completed an internship at Vista Capital Partners, a registered investment advisor firm in Portland, Oregon. Riley was able to utilize the skills he learned in his classes during his internship.

Brittany Erickson

Brittany Erickson experienced going up in a 150-foot man lift during her internship at Cascade Steele in McMinnville, Oregon. Brittany says that the best part of her internship was the people she got to work with as well as learning what kind of job she wants in the future!

Shaterah Hall

Senior Shaterah Hall, Creative Writing major from White Sands, N.M. stated that she like many others was, "pleasantly guilty of wishing they owned a time machine." Her wish to become immersed in history became reality through her internship this summer with archivist Rachael Woody and Rich Schmidt, director of resource sharing here at Linfield College in the Nicholson Library. Shaterah was responsible for housing, repairing, digitizing and creating an online search tool and inventory for the Linfield College Photography Collection. The experience was thought provoking, as Shaterah describes, "I have never felt quite so transfigured. The gentle handling of what are essentially artifacts is both sobering and exhilarating." Due to the long history of Linfield College, Shaterah had copious amounts of material to work with. She states that a considerable challenge encountered was ensuring that she attached accurate and approximate dates to certain series. However, this was a welcomed challenge because she has a newfound appreciation for the pride that Linfield alum have about being involved on campus. Shaterah also was able to, "perceive... something so profoundly beautiful in looking back at the doors that the college experience opens." Her college experience as a creative writing major has certainly opened doors as Shaterah was able to utilize, "the close reading, thematic critical analyses, and practice in defending and revising derived viewpoints". To ensure that she was successful in the necessary detail oriented work that her internship required. In addition close attention to the heritage of items was particularly resonant of her Linfield education and involvement in a community that Shaterah states, "loves learning." She believes that her Linfield education was invaluable in providing her with the skills and understanding to succeed in this internship and in her career. Shaterah's internship experience has her looking forward to combining a, "passion for the creative arts with anthropological practices", within the realm of archival projects.

Chris Beresford

The CEO of GoDaddy gave high praise to Linfield Junior Chris Beresford, a Computer Science major who interned at the domain registrar and web hosting company this past summer. Chris interned specifically for the Hosting Performance/Hosting Core Team at GoDaddy. He was responsible for helping build software, "that the operations teams could use to diagnose, fix and monitor server performance." Chris enjoyed the, "energetic environment," that challenged him with projects of substance and meaning. He came across challenges in regard to learning the new technologies and languages during his first weeks at GoDaddy. However, these materialized into success when he was able to commit code into production. Which resulted in praise from Blake Irving, the CEO. Chris also enjoyed working in a group environment, "I gained an understanding of how teams work, which will assist me in obtaining my goal of eventually managing/leading teams in the software industry." Apart from providing him opportunities to increase his knowledge of tech language and software, his internship created opportunities for Chris to interact with 42 fellow interns. Chris attended the GoDaddy Intern Hackathon of 2014 where he and his team, "Jillian and the Devs" competed. They built a tool called "the Social Media Dashboard (Social Dash)." Chris credits his Linfield education and professors for providing him with the skills necessary to flourish in his desired field. Chris advises, Nobody is expected to know everything, but if you are capable of learning anything, then you'll be a huge asset to any company.

Alyssa Townsend

Alyssa Townsend, Mass Communication major from Caldwell, Idaho immersed herself in the world of corporate social responsibility and public relations through her internship at Waggener Edstrom (WE) Communications in Portland. Alyssa interned specifically for the Citizenship Team, which works on initiatives and projects to support WE's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Alyssa had significant responsibility, as her role included managing the @WE_Citzen Twitter, writing the monthly citizenship newsletter, blogging, researching CSR initiatives, and working on pro bono projects with WE's nonprofit partners. Despite her significant workload, Alyssa was confident in her abilities and credits the Mass Communication Department for providing her with a well-rounded education. The internship with WE was a great opportunity for Alyssa to familiarize herself to working in a professional environment. She states, "It was challenging in the beginning of my internship to feel comfortable sharing my point of view in a room full of PR professionals." The internship helped Alyssa gain confidence in sharing her opinions with professionals in her desired field. She was able to combine her education and experience working in the Office of Communications at Linfield to create a social media plan for the Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue. This was a highlight of her internship as it was a pro-bono project, "gave me the opportunity to provide a needed service that might not otherwise have been available for a nonprofit I want to see succeed." Overall, the experience helped Alyssa hone in on what she desires out of her future career. "It ultimately reaffirmed that I want to work in the PR Field. However, I also learned that I want to make a difference and become a part of asking the crucial questions (necessary) to make a company succeed."

Lizzie Carson

Sophomore Lizzie Carson combined her Physics major with her Alaskan roots, in an internship with R&M engineering. Located in her hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska over this Jan term. Lizzie had a clear goal in mind, to solidify her career choice. She accomplished this and more during her month long internship. Lizzie was responsible for material testing, assisting the wastewater analyst, filing, and utilizing the draft program AutoCAD. A majority of her time was dedicated to learning how to use AutoCAD, a program for drafting computer-aided design. This became Lizzie's greatest challenge, "I taught myself how to use AutoCAD, they gave me a text book and let me learn, it was better because I figured out how to do it on my own." The challenges were not without rewards and Lizzie was able to, "work on a project that was pretty significant, for Trident Foods, by being able to get on the server and actually contribute to projects." Lizzie's efforts not only brought her success in a new work environment but it also reaffirmed her choice of study, "my favorite part was being able to actually see what I was going to do in the future and that I actually enjoyed it." She credits her Linfield coursework; particularly her applied physics classes, for providing her with problem solving skills. She looks, "forward to grad school to continue to develop these important skills." When asked if she recommends IDST Internships, Lizzie said, "Yes! It was incredibly beneficial because I got credits during Jan-Term but I didn?t have to pay for a Jan-Term and all my credits transferred to spring." Lizzie also stresses the importance of networking; "I found this internship because I previously worked for the owner of R&M as a nanny. I asked if he had internship opportunities at his company and he did!" For Lizzie, the benefits of this internship go beyond gaining credit, "Overall this experience was incredibly advantageous and I got a summer job out of it." After her experience Lizzie recommends that everyone complete an internship, "It really is a great way to continue networking, because even if you want to go in a different direction, you can still get a recommendation."

Alexis Sayer

Senior Alexis Sayer, Anthropology and Nursing major from Alaska, had a "study abroad experience in (her) own state", through an internship with the Igiugig Tribal Council in Igiugig, Alaska. Alexis immersed herself in the vibrant community of Igiugig, population of 69 individuals and only accessible by boat or bush plane. "The Council is the motor of village life, facilitating a variety of services for its community ranging from healthcare and educational programs to air traffic control and management of the village greenhouse." Alexis found this internship through her job at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Igiugig, after she met with the Tribal Council office and met the Councilwoman. It was the people of this close-knit community that led Alexis to choose to complete this internship. "Members of the Tribal Council are active and passionate about their community - my internship gave me the unique opportunity to more fully experience Village life while working alongside active members of the community." This internship is particularly unique because of the vast services that the Council offers. Alexis's, internship responsibilities were diverse, including paperwork, gardening, conducting safety surveys, and creating visitor guide materials. She was assigned to work on important projects such as collaborating with the Council to create a commemorative book to honor the Village elders. Alyssa also had the responsibility of writing drafts of proposed Village ordinances. Alyssa found success and fulfillment through her internship with the Igiugig Tribal Council. She considers managing her time commitments between her internship and fulltime job to be the most challenging part of her internship. Alexis also describes an unusual challenge; "At times it was difficult to focus on office tasks with a natural wonderland right outside my window!" She particularly enjoyed interacting with community members that would visit the Tribal Office throughout the day. "The Council office is the hub of the village, so just spending time there as part of the Council helped me get to know the community in greater depth than would have otherwise been possible." As Alexis became immersed in the culture of the Igiugig community she was able to utilize her Anthropology major. "My education in anthropological concepts helped me find greater meaning and growth in living in a new place - the writing preparation I have gained at Linfield was especially helpful as I helped draft both the commemorative book and the drafts of Village Ordinances." Her internship experience helped provide perspective on what kind of role Alyssa would like to have in the future. "Whether in a professional or personal capacity, my internship inspired me to take on a greater role in local organizations." She encourages students to find an internship in an area that they are passionate about and stresses the opportunities for personal and professional growth that internships present. "Internships are a unique opportunity to take a check out a career or organization or experience without the pressure and long-term commitment of a career choice. Think big, be adventurous, have fun!"