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Quick Tips

An internship is an excellent way to apply your coursework to the world of work. Internships are a form of experiential learning in which you learn about a career that interests you through direct experience with an organization. Internships are more meaningful than part-time or summer jobs.  There is a focus on a project and an opportunity to reflect on the learning that takes place through your internship experience.  Types of internships vary widely; internships can be done throughout the year, can be paid or unpaid, and are available locally, nationally, and internationally.


Internship Spotlights

Brittany Erickson: Cascade Steel

Brittany Erickson experienced going up in a 150 foot man lift during her internship at Cascade Steele in McMinnville, Oregon. Brittany says that the best part of her internship was the people she got to work with as well as learning what kind of job she wants in the future!

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Michael Metter: Torex Gold (Mexico)

Linfield College junior Michael Metter combined his interest in physics and travel into an internship this past summer at Torex Gold Resources, a mining company, in Nuevo Balsas, Mexico. Article by Laura Davis.

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Kayla Lisac: Chamber of Commerce

Kayla Lisac is currently participating in an internship at the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce. She is able to use her Communication Arts major to work on advertising for the Chamber and attend networking events such as Greeters and Women in Business.

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Riley Stormont: Vista Capital Partners

This past summer, Riley Stormont completed an internship at Vista Capital Partners, a registered investment advisor firm in Portland, Oregon. Riley was able to utilize the skills he learned in his classes during his internship.

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