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Career Development

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What can I do with this Major/Degree?

Choosing a Major

Not sure what to major in? We can offer assistance.

While it is not necessary to major in whatever career you choose, it does help in instances such as Accounting, Finance, and Nursing. A liberal arts education is more about accumulating skills as you pursue your degree, not the particular subject. If you have questions about choosing a major, there are resources available in the Career Hub. 

Check out these articles for more ideas and advice:

Remember that it is important to be genuinely interested in whatever major you choose. If you are passionate about what you are pursuing you are less likely to burn out as you will be motivated for the right reasons.

Come talk to us in Melrose 010 if you have questions about how your major could impact your career. Check out the official "What can I do with this Major?" site for information about career opportunities available with different majors. Also, talk to your advisors and visit Academic Advising if you have questions about your major.

Resources for Majors

Maybe these will help...

Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-2013 - A nationally recognized source of information describing what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and prospective job prospects. Career Advice - Advice on how to get the best job possible.

CollegeBoard's - Explore majors, research careers, and much more. Easy-to-use format.

Careers in Psychology -  Provides information about psychology careers, psychology education, psychology internships, and psychology jobs, as well as licensure information.