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Career Liftoff

Career Liftoff is a resource designed to assist Linfield students and alumni in their search for careers, whether they are deciding upon a major or transitioning between jobs. The Career Liftoff Interest Inventory will help you evaluate your top six areas of interest and will give you the opportunity to explore jobs that fit you. Use the shared login 'wildcats' to take the survey.


  1. Go to the survey. Login with the shared login password  'linfield'. 
  2. First Name, Last Name and Email address are required fields.  Demographic info is optional (research data).  College Major:  undecided can be used.
  3. After reading the instructions and sample questions, click on continue to begin the inventory.
  4. Please find a time when you can complete the inventory in one setting.  You will not be able to return to the inventory if you are unable to finish. 
  5. Please answer all the questions. Any unanswered questions will appear at the end. 
  6. Once completed, you will receive a message saying click here to view your report.

Cat Connections - Cat Connections is designed to connect current students looking for career information, with alumni. This is an opportunity to learn more about a particular career, geographic area, etc. without having to dive into it head first! Click on the link to register.