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Management Major

Effective managers are essential to successful teams, business units, and organizations.

Skilled managers must understand the challenges of management and be able to execute a varied set of competencies. Managers:

  • Understand their own capabilities and develop the potential in others.
  • Recruit and deploy talent, build teams, provide appropriate structure and incentives, and lead organizational change.
  • Monitor their environment and seize upon opportunities when they arise.
  • Understand that creating and sustaining effective organizations is a constant process of learning and renewal.

Theory and practice come together when you study management at Linfield College. You’ll review the work of great leaders and analyze cases of leadership failure. You’ll learn about the rich history of management theory and apply it to contemporary business situations.

Assessing your interpersonal skill set will lay the groundwork for your own approach to leading. You’ll work with others to develop team charters, design team building exercises, and practice resolving conflict. You’ll hone your skills in interviewing others, deliver persuasive arguments in writing and in oral presentations, and defend choices made in the execution of business strategy.

In all, your management coursework will provide a foundation for positions in general management, human resources, training and development, recruitment, and business consulting in for-profit, non-profit, and public management settings.

Your management major consists of required courses from the business core,  including the introductory course in management, BUSN 301 Management. You’ll follow with the courses listed below.

Management major requirement:

  • BUSN 405 Human Resource Management

Management electives; choose at least two:

  • BUSN 407 Organizational Behavior
  • BUSN 410 International Management GP
  • BUSN 415 Business, Ethics & Society
  • BUSN 423 Entrepreneurship
  • BUSN 435 International Business Law
  • BUSN 436 Topics in Management – topics have included: Leadership, Team Dynamics
  • BUSN 440 Business Law II
  • BUSN 480 Independent Study in Management– student created, professor supervised
  • BUSN 487 Management Internship
  • TCCA 340 Persuasion & Social Influence

Considering a minor or double major?

Often Linfield management majors will add a minor, or double major, such as: Psychology, Sociology. or Modern Languages

Questions about our Management major?

Contact our Admission Office to connect you with one of our management professors to learn more.  In addition to teaching management, each has worked as a manager and conducts research in the field of management.