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Accounting Major

Your future is particularly bright as a Linfield accounting major!

Consider our graduates. Many have been hired by major CPA firms. Others have been successful in public accounting—local, regional, national and international CPA firms—and in private accounting at various governmental agencies including the IRS, FBI and CIA.  We’ve also had our graduates distinguish themselves in private industry including: education, management, public service, and humanitarian non-profits, like Mercy Corps and Special Olympics.

To prepare you for these careers you’ll have a very specialized focus, order and number of classes. Our Linfield accounting major is designed to give you the knowledge required to qualify you to sit for the CPA exam in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and 11 other western states upon graduation.  

Here is how we recommend you schedule your required accounting classes:

Junior Year

  • BNAC  361 Intermediate Accounting 1  
  • BNAC 362 Intermediate Accounting 2
  • BNAC 461 Cost Accounting

Senior Year

  • BNAC 466 Advanced Accounting
  • BNAC 468 Federal Income Tax Accounting
  • BNAC 469 Auditing

Other optional but suggested accounting courses include:

  • BNSS 440 Business Law 2
  • BNAC 464 Governmental & Not-for-profit Accounting
  • BNAC 467 Accounting Topics
  • BNSS 490 Research

Considering a double major or minor?

Many Accounting majors have successfully completed double majors or minors  Previous graduates have chosen second majors or minors in:  Economics, Mathematics,  Philosophy, History, or Religious Studies.

If your career goal is to manage an accounting department, you might consider a minor in management.

Questions about an Accounting major?

Contact our Admission Office to connect you with one of our accounting professors to learn more. All three professors have substantial business experience, are CPAs. Together they have 80 years’ experience helping launch our Accounting majors.