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BUSN 421 Promotions Management Students Meet with Real Clients

Each spring semester marketing majors have a chance to consult with real clients in Dr. Laird-Magee’s BUSN 427
Promotions Management course. In four teams, student groups conduct an Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP) audit for their specific team’s client.  Last spring 2013 semester two McMinnville-based companies participated: the International Pinot Noir Celebration and Cellar Ridge Construction.  Another company in Gresham, Scenic Fruit, not only found value in its team’s IBP audit proposal, but also ended up hiring one of the team members to serve as their social media specialist. The fourth client, a Linfield DCE graduate who lives in central Oregon and owns Juniper Ridge Artwork, worked with her team via Skype and drove in twice, at the beginning of the semester and for her team’s final presentation, pictured here, at Linfield.

Student-Led Experiential Exercises in Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics Class

In Sharon Wagner's Team Dynamics course (BUSN 436), students study why teams succeed and fail, and learn how they can impact team processes as a team member or leader. They participate in assessments and exercises designed to increase self-awareness, observation skills, and team facilitation skills.

For their final project, students work in teams to develop and conduct an experiential exercise for the rest of the class. Each student's project grade is determined in part by their instructor, their peers, and their own-self-assessment. Each student also writes a paper analyzing his or her experiences as a team member. During the most recent administration of the class (Jan Term 2014), students chose to lead exercises highlighting such group processes as creativity, conflict, problem solving, and communication.

Team Dynamics is an elective course for students majoring or minoring in management, and is open to all students who have completed BUSN 301: Management.

International Management Global Research
In Russ Paine’s International Management class, students work in teams to research the challenges and opportunities of a global region: Asia, North /South America, The European Union, and the Middle East/Africa. Students develop an understanding of challenges and opportunities for doing business in these regions by analyzing regional and country-specific demographic, political, legal, cultural, and economic environments.

Members of each student team play roles as members of executive management for a global company. They present their strategy and management plan for delivering a product or service in their region. Other class members participate actively by assessing the effectiveness of the presentations.

International Management is an elective course for the management and international business majors, and for students completing the management minor.