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Quickstart Guide: If you are working with BBLearn for the first time

BBLearn is Linfield's course management system, and this guide is meant to help you get started quickly with the most common BBLearn tasks. As always, you can contact your BBLearn administrator for assistance during normal work hours. It is one of a number of resources we have made available to our faculty as a means of communicating, collaborating, and sharing information with students. Our BBLearn server is secured and accessible only be those who have a CatNet user name and password, and who are members of your course(s). You can use BBLearn to:

  • post files (Word, Excel, images, PowerPoint presentations, audio, video, SoftChalk materials- basically, anything digital)
  • create chats, including voice chats, and discussions for your class
  • create groups, including group discussions, chats, wikis, blogs, etc.
  • create assignments that can be collected and managed online
  • create quizzes and surveys that can be automatically graded with results shared instantly to students
  • use the BBLearn gradebook for sharing grades with students (upon instructor's directive)
  • create a set of links to other web resources, including NBC Learn NBCvideo content
  • Create assignments that link directly to NOOKStudy, a resource tool for students
  • Check papers for plagiarism using either Turnitin or SafeAssign
  • Use Respondus 4 to create and manage quizzes, tests and surveys
  • and many other tasks

Once a BBLearn course is built, it can be copied over for reuse in following semesters when you open any new course. You can also upload zipped files using either the File Manager or WebDAV.

To get started:

All BBLearn courses are created automatically. In addition, instructors and students are automatically added to BBLearn. You can manually add students, TAs, and other users via the grade book. Visit to sign in with your CatNet user name and password. Once you have logged in, notice you have a course listing in a panel to the right of your screen labeled My Courses. Select the course you'd like to begin working with and click to enter.

Your students will log in the same way. A software script is run each work day to address student adds and drops, up to the add/drop deadline each semester. Note: Instructors will need to make their BBLearn courses available to students before students can "see" the courses in their BBLearn course lists. Here's how:

  1. From within your course, click on “Customization” on the left menu in the bottom section titled "Control Panel"
  2. Click on “Properties”
  3. Under "3. Set Availability", it asks "Make the course available to users?" select “Yes”
  4. Then click "Submit"

To begin adding content to your site, make sure that "Edit Mode",which is located in the upper left hand corner of the site, is "ON." Then from within your course go to the course menu which is located on the left side of the screen above the "Control Panel." If you can't see it click on the grey box that contains your course title to make the course menu viewable.Click on "Content." Then click on "Build Content" and select the type of content you wish to upload. If you are unsure how to go about uploading the content, this how-to link will help guide you through how to upload the most common content such as pdf, word, video, link, etc.. For syllabi, text and other general course information, click on "Information" to add content. Note, you can add or remove content pages as needed.

To create an Assignment, click on "Content" in the left course menu. Then click on "Create Assessment" and click on Assignment. Enter the name of the Assignment and type in the directions for the assignment in the Instructions box. If you wish to attach any files then click on "Browse My Computer" and select the file you wish to upload. Then enter the amount of points possible and fill out "Availability", "Due Dates", and "Recipients" options. Once you are done click Submit. If you want to create an assignment that has plagiarism detection for papers then instead of clicking "Assignment" in the "Create Assessment", click on either "SafeAssignment" or "Turnitin Assignment." For more details on how to create one or the other click on either SafeAssignment or Turnitin Assignment.

To set up the Discussion Board, click on "Discussions" in the left course menu. This should take you to the Discussion Board page. Click "Create Forum" button and give your forum a name where specified. Then go to the Description box and type a description of the topic and instructions for the students. Fill in other forum options in "Forum Availability" and "Forum Options." I recommend that you set your discussion options to NOT allow anonymous posts, and to NOT allow students to go back and edit/delete their posts later (for accountability reasons).

To create a test or quiz in BBLearn, click on "Content" in the left course menu. Then click on "Create Assessment" and click on "Test." This should take you to Create Test page. Click on "Create" and enter the name of the test into the Name box. Then fill out the Description and Instructions in their respective boxes. Then click "Submit." Now click on "Create Question" and choose the type of question you want to create. Then fill out all the information in regards to that question. When you are done adding questions click "OK" at the bottom of the screen. Then go to "Add Test" and click on the name of the Test you just made to highlight it. Click Submit and it should take you to Test Options page. Read through the entire page and fill it all out. I recommend in "Test Availability" that you click "Yes" to "Make the Link Available" and "Yes" to "Add a New Announcement for this Test." Once that is all filled out hit "Submit."

You can use the drop down button in "Content" to delete things at anytime.