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BBLearn is Linfield's online learning management system. BBLearn provides a web interface that allows users to securely upload and download files as well as a multitude of tools for online interactivity such as discussion boards,a grade book, an assignment manager, a set of assessment tools, whiteboards, chat rooms, and more. To quote from the "Getting Started Guide":

"[BBLearn] ... allows course designers to create an interactive learning environment that brings instructors and students together in a virtual classroom. This online course management solution combines course development and delivery tools with a comprehensive course administration system. With [BBLearn], you can create entire courses online or complement a classroom-based course.

How it Works:

All BBLearn courses are created automatically. In addition, instructors and students are automatically added to BBLearn courses. A software script is run each work day to address student adds and drops, up to the add/drop deadline each semester. Note: Instructors will need to make their BBLearn courses available to students before students can "see" their courses. Here's how.

Should you need a course that exists outside of the Registrar's list of official Linfield courses, you can request one. Simply contact your BBLearn Administrator and he/she will set one up for you. Once a course has been set up by the BBLearn Administrator, the instructor will have full control over the management of the course content using web-based tools. Students are not automatically enrolled in these courses, but faculty can either enroll students themselves via the grade book, or have students self-enroll (see below for instructions).

If yours is a special course outside the Registrar’s regular course listing and you choose not to manually enroll students, you’ll need to change the settings within the course to allow students to self-enroll. Here’s how.

What if I have problems?

You can call or email your BBLearn Administrator, or you can visit the BBLearn FAQ and How To wiki. BBLearn has a help link that can be found within each course, which is sometimes useful. 

If you have suggestions for ways we can improve the system or how we help you, please let us know at