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Biology Life After Linfield

Life After Linfield

Faculty Positions and Research Positions of Linfield Graduates

Julia Back
Julia Back, Fulbright Scholar:
studying for MS degree in Biology at
Deakin University, Australia

Here are web pages or recent work of some Linfield graduates, showing the careers they have chosen and what they are up to.

Dr. Daniel O'Leary, Chemistry Department, Pomona College

Dr. Jeff Baguley, Assistant Professor, Biology, University of Nevada, Reno

Dr. Nate Miller, Postdoctoral researcher at Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies

Julia Back, BA 2007 Fulbright Scholar in Australia
Julia is studying Fur seal ecology, physiology, and conservation for a Master's degree at Deakin University, Australia  

Dr. Jennifer Smith, Paleoclimatologist, University of South Florida

Dr. Jerilynn Peck, former EPA STAR Research Fellow. Currently Research Scientist, School of Forest Resources, Pennsylvania State University
- See the next link  

Dr. Jerilynn Peck, Web site for Moss Ecology

Amy Szumlanski, Graduate Student University of Michigan

Dr. John Frazee, Neurosurgeon at UCLA

Dr. Julia Oxford, Developmental Biologist at Boise State University

Dr. Kirsten Lampi, Biochemist in Neuroscience Graduate Program at Oregon Health and Sciences University

Dr. Luke Jasenosky, post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University (CBR Institute). 

Dr. Luke Jasenosky, research paper on ebola virus surface protein.

Dr. Matthew Hooge, post-doctoral fellow, University of Maine

Dr. Matthew Weaver, Post-doctoral researcher, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle Washington. see the next links 

Dr. Matthew Weaver. Publication. Download pdf of recent paper.

Dr. Matthew Weaver. Publication. Weaver MS, Sage EH, and Yan Q. Absence of SPARC in lens epithelial cells results in altered adhesion and extracellular matrix production in vitro. J. Cell Biochem. 2005.

Dr. Matthew Weaver. Publication. Yan Q, Weaver M, Perdue N and Sage EH. Matricellular Protein SPARC is Translocated to the Nuclei of Immortalized Murine Lens Epithelial Cells. J. Cell. Physiol. 203:286-294, 2005.

Dr. Ron F. Peck, Assistant Professor, Lawrence University

Dr. Scott Knight, Biology Department, University of Richmond

Dr. Thomas Lippmann, Oceanographer, Ohio State University

Dr. Kimberly Baker-Deadmond, Post-doctoral fellow, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Tyler Publication on effect of heparin on blood clotting factor IXa 

Dr. Kimberly Baker: microarray DNA probes for action of cytokines on smooth muscle cells, as published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information

Dr. Kimberly Baker: review paper on synthesis of immune cells; written when she was a graduate student, University of Nevada  

Dr. Rebecca (Price) Colman, recently completed PhD at Northern Arizona University. Paper on use of repeat sequences for identification of E. coli O157:H7.

Seth Oliveria, MD, PhD - neurosurgery resident at University of Florida

Dr. Seth Oliveria - Recent paper on regulation of L-type Ca channels

Akil Dharamsi, External Alliances, Global Pharmaceutical Sciences at Merck

Kate Stadeli, medical student at UC San Diego. Review article on drug resistance to antiviral HIV drugs

Complete List of Graduate and Professional School Acceptances

The list below indicates institutions to which graduates have been admitted in the past 10 years. Several have received "outstanding student" awards in their professional programs and/or were ranked at the top of their class, and many are in positions of leadership in the scientific/medical community. In recent years 70% of the students who applied to medical school were accepted. About 60% of Biology Department graduates go on to graduate programs (such as MD, PhD, DVM, DDS). Linfield graduates are now on the faculty of such institutions as: Oregon Health Sciences University, Bowdoin College, Lawrence College, Ohio State University, and Harvard University.

Graduate Programs

Health Professions Programs

University of Arizona
Boston University
College of William and Mary
Cornell University
Harvard University
George Washington University
Oxford University
University of Alaska
University of California Davis
UC Riverside
UC Los Angeles
UC San Francisco
California Polytechnic University
University of Colorado
Colorado State University
University of Hawaii
Indiana University
University of Kentucky
University of Maine
University of Montana
Montana State University
University of Nevada
University of Oregon
Oregon State University
Portland State University
University of Pittsburgh
State University of New York -- Syracuse
University of Southern California
University of Texas
Texas A&M University
University of Vermont
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin
University of Wyoming
Virginia Polytechnic University
Washington State University
York University

Albany Medical College
Baylor University
Case Western Reserve
Creighton University
Johns Hopkins University
Medical College of Wisconsin
Oregon Health and Science University
Pacific University
Rochester University
Rutgers University
St. Louis University
Temple University
Tufts University
Tulane University
UC San Francisco
Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences
University of California San Diego
University of Colorado
University of Nevada
University of Pennsylvania
University of Puget Sound
University of Southern California
University of the Pacific
Washington University St. Louis
Yale University

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