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Kyle S MacLea - Visiting Assistant Professor

Murdock 231

Education: Cornell University, A.B. in Biology (General), 1997; Dartmouth College, Ph.D. in Pharmacology/Toxicology, 2003. Post-doctoral research and teaching: University of Pennsylvania, USDA Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory, Michigan State University, University of Delaware, Franklin College, Colorado State University.

Academic Interests:
Prion and amyloid biology, virology, crustacean biology, genomics and proteomics, science education, scientific and science writing.



MacLea, K.S., Paul, K.R., Ben-Musa, Z.**, Gruca, M.*, and Ross, E.D.  Different amino acid composition requirements for prion formation and propagation in the [PSI+] yeast prion.  Manuscript in preparation.

Abuhagr, A.M.**, MacLea, K.S., Chang, E.S., and Mykles, D.L.  Mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling genes in decapod crustaceans: cloning and tissue expression of mTOR, Akt, Rheb, and S6 kinase in the green crab, Carcinus maenas, and blackback land crab, Gecarcinus lateralis. In press at Comp Biochem Physiol.  (Copies available upon request.)

Abuhagr, A.M.**, Blindert, J.L.**, Nimitkul, S.**, Zander, I.A.*, LaBere, S.M.*, Chang, S.A., MacLea, K.S., Chang, E.S., and Mykles, D.L.  Molt regulation in green and red color morphs of the crab, Carcinus maenas: gene expression of molt-inhibiting hormone signaling components.  In press, J Exp Biol.  doi:10.1242/jeb.093385  (Copies available upon request.)

Kim, H.J., Kim, N., Wang, Y., Moore, J., Diaz, Z., Scarborough, E, Ugras, S., MacLea, K.S., Freibaum, B., Molliex, A., Kanagaraj, A., Songqing, L., Pinkus, J., Greenberg, S., Trojanowski, J., Traynor, B., Smith, B., Topp, S., Gkazi, A.-S., Miller, J., Shaw, C.E., Kottlors, M., Kirschner, J., Pestronk, A., Li, Y., Gitler, A., Benatar, M., King, O., Kimonis, V., Ross, E.D., Weihl, C., Shorter, J., and Taylor, J.P.  Mutations in prion-like domains found in hnRNPA2B1 and hnRNPA1 cause multisystem proteinopathy.  Nature, doi:10.1038/nature11922, 495(7442):467-73, 2013.

Ross, E.D., MacLea, K.S., Anderson, C., and Ben-Hur, A.  A bioinformatics method for identifying Q/N-rich prion-like domains in proteins.  In Hatters DM and Hannan AJ (eds.), Tandem Repeats in Genes, Proteins, and Disease: Methods and Protocols, Methods Mol Biol, doi:10.1007/978-1-62703-438-8_16, 1017:219-228, 2013.

MacLea, K.S., Abuhagr, A.M.**, Pitts, N.L.**, Covi, J.A., Bader, B.D.*, Chang, E.S., and Mykles, D.L.  Rheb, an activator of the mTOR complex, in the blackback land crab, Gecarcinus lateralis: cloning and effects of molting on expression in skeletal muscle.  J Exp Biol, 215(4):590-604, doi:10.1242/jeb.062869, 2012.

MacLea, K.S. and Ross, E.D.  Strategies for identifying new prions in yeast.  Prion, 5(4):1-6, 2011.

MacLea, K.S., Covi, J.A., Kim, H.-W., Chao, E.**, Medler, S., Chang, E.S., and Mykles, D.L.  Myostatin from the American lobster, Homarus americanus: cloning and effects of molting on expression in skeletal muscles.  Comp Biochem Physiol A, 157:328–337, 2010.

Cheng, H., Niikura, M., Kim, T., Mao, W.**, MacLea, K.S., Hunt, H., Dodgson, J., Burnside, J., Morgan, R., Ouyang, M., Lamont, S., Dekkers, J., Fulton, J., Soller, M., and Muir, W.  Using integrative genomics to elucidate genetic resistance to Marek's disease in chickens, Dev Bio (Basel), 132:365-72, 2008.

MacLea, K.S. and Cheng, H.H.  Cloning and expression of deoxyribonuclease II from chicken, Gene, 373:44-51, doi:10.1016/j.gene.2005.12.019, 2006.

MacLea, K.S., Krieser, R.J., and Eastman, A.  Structural requirements of human deoxyribonuclease IIa for formation of the active enzyme: the role of the signal peptide, N-glycosylation, and disulfide bridging, Biochem J, 371:867-876, 2003. 

MacLea, K.S., Krieser, R.J., and Eastman, A.  A family history of deoxyribonuclease II: Surprises from Trichinella spiralis and Burkholderia pseudomallei.  Gene, 305:1-12, 2003.

Krieser, R.J., MacLea, K.S., Longnecker, D.S., Fields, J.L., Fiering, S., and Eastman, A.  Deoxyribonuclease IIa is required for DNA digestion during the phagocytic phase of apoptosis and its loss is perinatal lethal.  Cell Death Differ, 9 (9), 956-962, 2002.

MacLea, K.S., Krieser, R.J., and Eastman, A.  Revised structure of the active form of human deoxyribonuclease IIa.  Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 292 (2), 415-421, 2002. 

Krieser, R.J., MacLea, K.S., Park, J.P., and Eastman, A.  The cloning, genomic structure, localization, and expression of human deoxyribonuclease IIβ.  Gene, 269 (1-2), 205-216, 2001.


MacLea, K.S.  Book review of Laura L. Mays Hoopes, Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling: An American Woman Becomes a DNA Scientist. J Hist Biol, doi:10.1007/s10739-012-9320-1, 45(2), 357-360, 2012.

MacLea, K.S., and Cheng, H.H. The threat of Marek’s disease virus is expanding. Microbe, 2(5), 238-243, 2007.

* = undergraduate student co-author      ** = graduate student co-author

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