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Biology Facilities

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Murdock hall
Murdock Hall

The Biology Department is located on the second floor of Murdock Hall, built in 1982 to provide classroom and laboratory space for the Departments of Biology and Chemistry. The building includes large comfortable labs, research space for faculty and students, and many specialty areas including a walk-in environmental chamber, growth chambers for cells, plants, and animal growth studies, an isotope lab, and a herbarium. In addition, the way the building is arranged provides a pleasant informal environment for discussion and relaxation.

Excellent Scientific Instrumentation

The modern equipment in the departmental teaching and research labs includes several types of new microscopes, some equipped with fluorescence, phase-contrast, and differential interference-contrast optics, and a high quality Zeiss dissecting microscope with photomicrography and video microscopy capabilities; a liquid scintillation counter for radioisotopic studies and radio-immunoassays; table-top and ultracentrifuges; a micro balance; a complete cell culture/tissue culture facility including a vertical laminar flow hood and bacterial and mammalian incubators; several thermocyclers, protein and DNA gel apparatus (including 2-D); Gel EZ and Chemidoc Imagers. Excellent computing facilities are available in both Macintosh and PC platforms, along with software for receptor-ligand binding studies, DNA and protein phylogenetic analysis, and statistical computation.

We have a User Agreement with Willamette University for no-cost use of their recently purchased Zeiss LSCM-710 Scanning Confocal Microscope (purchased via a NSF-MRI grant). 

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