Conference & Event Planning at Linfield

The Office of C&EP is committed to supporting and enhancing the educational, research and public service mission of Linfield College. C&EP achieves this commitment by involving students in educational and leadership opportunities through employment experiences; providing guidance, support and development to faculty interested in directing a summer program; attracting off-campus groups that enhance the academic goals of the college; coordinating the human and physical resources of the college to provide quality summer programs; and attracting prospective students to the campus setting through the offering of a variety of summer programs for youth.

The C&EP office begins its summer season after spring commencement and ends it on August 15. During that time, the C&EP Office typically serves over 30 different groups, hosting anywhere from 3000 to 5000 people during the summer months.

With the exception of the director, the assistant director, and property staff, C&EP at Linfield is student-operated. Not only does this allow us to keep costs low for our guests, but it also gives students some great experience in customer service, time management and leadership opportunities.