General Planning Information

When to set your dates:

Generally speaking, Conferences & Events Planning at Linfield only begins firming up commitments with conference groups a year in advance. If your group does come to campus, and you feel at the end of your conference that you'd like to return to Linfield, we are able to hold out the corresponding dates for the next summer. If you want to come back to Linfield, but during a different week, it usually is fall before we can firm up a commitment with your group. For groups that like to plan three or four years in advance, we would be happy to put your group down as a possibility, but our ability to make a firm commitment will depend upon a lot of factors that are not determined more than a year in advance (such as our building renovations, etc.).

We encourage potential conference groups to contact us by November or December preceding the summer they are interested in holding their event at Linfield, but we are always looking for smaller groups even as late as April or May to help us "fill in the cracks." We will generally attempt to send contracts out to groups in late November and early December. A contract signifies a firm commitment on the part of the college to serve as your conference's host site.

Finding out about You:

In order to provide your conference group with our best services, we are anxious to learn as much about your group as possible. Since all of your group's needs are handled in one office, we encourage frequent contact, whether by phone, fax, or electronic mail. When in the initial planning stages, the most critical information for us to have is rough estimates on the numbers of people involved in each aspect of your conference. This information enables our staff to make housing reservations, consider meeting space locations on campus which would be most suitable for your group. We encourage frequent visits to campus, with as many people from your conference group's governing board or committee. We have found that it is easier for a conference group to adjust to a new environment if there are many people who have seen the campus. Once we have been able to draft a contract, the next step in the process is for your group to submit the deposit specified in the contract (usually no more than $750, non-refundable), along with the certificate of insurance outlined in the contract. We must require that all outside groups provide evidence of liability insurance coverage in the minimum amount of $1,000,000. The college asks that this evidence be in the form of a certificate of insurance, with the college named as the certificate holder during the dates of the conference. The other information that we require, such as meeting room set-ups, definite conference numbers, housing assignments, etc., will be requested in writing a minimum of two weeks before the beginning of your conference. It is also very helpful for us to be put on your group's mailing list, so that we receive copies of schedules and other information that you send out to conference participants.

Conferences and Events email: