Planning an Event or Conference

In this section you will find the information you will need to see if Linfield is the right location for your event. If you need further information please contact us with your questions. We will respond as soon as possible with an answer.

Conference Planning Guide

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Dillin Hall Banquet Seating
Banquet seating for IPNC

As a conference planner, we understand the importance of choosing a location that will best fit the needs of your conference. We know that you are anxious to gather as much information as you can. That is why we have put this web page together. We hope that you will take this opportunity to get acquainted with the Conference & Event Planning program (hereafter referred to as C&EP) at Linfield College by reviewing these pages. If you like what you see, or if you have any further questions we'd love to hear from you!


Office of Conference & Event Planning

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