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Sustainability Council

Where it started...
In April of 2009 a group of students sought to enhance environmental sustainability efforts on the Linfield campus, so they took the initiative to write and present a proposal to the ASLC Senate. This proposal, named the Petition for the Renewable Energy & Sustainability Fund was approved by the Senate and was then put to a vote of the entire student body. The students chose to pass the $10 per semester (about $30,000 per year) self-tax to enhance sustainability and renewable energy at Linfield.

Where it went...
2009-2010 was the first school year of implementing the new Sustainability Fund. Because there didn't exist a structure within the ASLC system, management of the fund was tasked to ACES (the Advisory Committee on the Environment & Sustainability), the sustainability committee put together by the Linfield College President. In this first year, grants were awarded to enhance the student-run Linfield Bike Co-op, the ASLC Community Garden, the Alternative Spring Break Sustainability Challenge, a composting project, and a sustainability conference.

Where it is now...
Over the summer of 2010, an ASLC Sustainability Council was established with the ASLC President as chair of the council and administration of the Sustainability Fund was transferred to this student group. Currently, the ASLC Sustainability Council is accepting small and large grant applications from all Linfield Community members at
Small grants are constantly accepted on a rolling basis; large grants are due by November 18th at 5pm.

To learn more about the ASLC Sustainability Council in its current form, check out it's bylaws and charter, or contact the ASLC Service and Sustainability Coordinator, Kit Crane at