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Sustainability Council

In April of 2009 a group of students sought to enhance environmental sustainability efforts on the Linfield campus, so they took the initiative to write and present a proposal to the ASLC Senate. This proposal, named the Petition for the Renewable Energy & Sustainability Fund was approved by the Senate and was then put to a vote of the entire student body. The students chose to pass the $10 per semester (about $30,000 per year) self-tax to enhance sustainability and renewable energy at Linfield.

The sustainability grant is in place for any students who wish to enhance sustainability efforts on the Linfield campus. Grant applications are submitted to the Sustainability Grant Council, who then vote yes or no. An application must get six votes in order to pass.
The council consists of 10 voting members, made up of students. Non-voting members include the ASLC President, ASLC VP of Business and Finance, Director of Student Activities, Linfield Sustainability Coordinator, and the Director of Facilities and Auxiliary Services.
Meetings for small grants (applications requesting under $1000) are held once a month, while large grant meetings are held once a semester.

Past projects include money to build an eco-roof bike shelter, assisting the Linfield Bike Co-op in its first year, and tools for the Linfield Community Garden.

Sustainability Grant Application

Have any questions? Contact Terran Sobel-Smith, the ASLC Sustainability Coordinator, at