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Senate Standing Committees

The ASLC Senate consists of four senate standing committees, these committees are created and used on a need basis only.

Club Support & Finance Committee: Reviews ASLC's annual budget and requests for Senate Discretionary Funds. Works with the Club Director to ensure proposed and current clubs meet all ASLC chartered club responsibilites.

Senate Governance Committee: Reviews proposals to alter the ASLC Bylaws or Senate Standing Rules. Supports the ASLC Secretary in running elections and ballot initiative votes. 

Campus Improvement Committee: Identifies areas on campus that are in need of improvements. Works as a committee and with appropriate personnel at the college to implement proposed projects.

Campus Liaison Committee: Works with the Publicity Director to publicize and promote awards, actions, and other achievements of the ASLC Senate and larger student body to the Linfield campus community. Facilitates communication between students and campus entities with direct impact on students, including but not limited to: Residence Life, Dining Services, and Linfield Campus Safety. 

Executive Committee

The Senate Executive Committee is made up of the chairs and vice-chairs of the Senate Standing Committees and is advised by the ASLC Vice President. This group meets regularly to discuss the activities, goals, and status of each committee. It serves as a resource to the larger Senate through planning and collaboration and works to implement the decisions made by the Senate.


Ivanna Tucker (ASLC Vice President, Advisor)
Freshman Class Chair
Sophomore Class Chair
Junior Class Chair
Senior Class Chair