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LCAT seeks individuals who are motivated to get more involved in student activities at Linfield College, and who have a strong desire to work in cooperation with peers to develop goals and improvements for LCAT and ASLC as a whole. The employees must possess a certain sense of creativity and critical-thinking ability, and must display exceptional communication skills.  All LCAT members are expected to complete an individual budget, planning for the amount of money that will be allocated to each event put on throughout the year. The ultimate goal for LCAT in the 2015-2016 school year is to develop a mission statement through a group effort of setting short- and long-term goals to attain throughout the year. This will help solidify a connection with both ASLC and the Linfield College student body as a whole.

LAB Music & Entertainment

            The LCAT Music & Entertainment chair is in charge of booking weekly musical events, known as Cat Cabs, as well as at least one large concert/event, such as Battle of the Bands. Cat Cabs are typically every Thursday starting at 9 p.m., and are a combination of professional performers and student performers. The person who holds this chair is responsible for contacting artists and booking agencies, and scheduling a variety of different musical performances throughout the year. He or she is also responsible for filling out all paperwork pertinent to these events, and is expected to do so in a timely and efficient manner.  This chair is responsible for some of the setup and takedown of the events, including moving furniture and helping with equipment setup. Knowledge of sound equipment is not required, however the ability to operate a sound board, hook up instrument and microphone cables, and a general understanding of a p.a. system would all be helpful for this position. Other duties include hosting professional artists who perform, including being available as a day-of-show contact as well as taking the artist out to dinner or picking up food as needed.


LCAT Special Events

            The LCAT Special Events chair is in charge of booking weekly entertainment events which are typically in Ice Auditorium on Saturday nights starting at 9 p.m. The events include movies, comedians, and occasional poets, magicians, or other unique acts.  This chair is expected to contact performers and booking agencies, and to fill out all paperwork related to events in a timely and efficient manner.  The ability to set up and operate sound equipment is not required. The person hired will also be responsible for being the day-of-performance contact for artists, and taking the performer out to dinner or picking up food as needed.


LAB Sports & Outdoor

            The LCAT Sports & Outdoor chair is in charge of booking events throughout the year that are involved with sporting events and outdoor activities. The majority of these events will be off-campus events, and will require the chair to drive groups of students to the events in vans provided by the college. Events that have been popular in past years include Blazers games and Mariners games, as well as rock climbing and paint ball. The goal should be to develop as many exciting and unique ideas for outdoor events that cater towards the demand shown by students. It is expected that all paperwork will be filled out and filed in a timely manner, including publicity, check requests, and event evaluations. The person hired for this position must be energetic and enthusiastic about sports and outdoor events, and must be willing to work together with others and present his or her own ideas for new events.


LCAT Cultural Events

            The LCAT Cultural Events chair is in charge of putting on various events throughout the year directly relating to different cultures. These events may include eating at ethnic restaurants and taking trips to Portland and other areas which have prominent diverse cultures. All paperwork should be filled out in a timely manner, and should be filed appropriately via the LCAT secretary. The person hired for this position must have a desire to be immersed in and to learn about foreign cultures, specifically through direct experiences in various areas. He or she must also be willing to drive students to events in vans provided by the college, and to interact with other students and share experience about involvement with other cultures.


LCAT Secretary

            The LCAT Secretary is in charge of keeping track of and filing all paperwork submitted by all LCAT chairs, as well as producing the “What’s Happening,” “Office Hours” reports, and other reports throughout the year. This person is in charge of documenting topics covered in weekly LCAT meetings. The person hired for this position must be well-organized and should be well-versed in using a word processor and copy machine. It is expected that he or she will keep track of events on the large white board in the LCAT office, and will be able to work well in a group setting. While the Secretary does not plan its own events, he or she will have to order certain merchandise, such as t-shirts and promotional items, which will be discussed and decided upon by LCAT as a whole.


LCAT Social Media

            The LCAT's Social Media Chair is in charge of keeping track of all of the activities board's social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and other digital media created and distributed by the activities board. This person is in charge of receiving and posting information regarding events created by all of the chairs to the appropriate social media accounts.  The person hired for this position must be proficient in social media administration and have great time management. Above all, he or she will need to know how to generate and maintain positive relationships with students through the use of social media so that they are informed about upcoming and current events happening on or off-campus through the LCAT.