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How to Get Involved

There are a number of exciting ways to get involved on the Linfield campus. While many leadership experiences are filled a semester ahead of time, throughout the year, a number of work-study, stipend, and unpaid leadership experiences open up. If you are looking for a way to gain leadership experience or become active on the Linfield Campus, check out some of the opportunities below.

Unpaid Leadership Experiences

Stipend Leadership Positions

Work-Study Jobs



Unpaid Leadership Experiences

The ASLC President is sometimes looking for students to volunteer to serve on Faculty and College Committees. The purpose of students on these governance committees is to voice the student perspective on a wide variety of issues relating to students. Committees meet as needed, generally a few times each month, usually early in the morning. Currently, there are no unpaid leadership positions available with ASLC. Please check back later.


Stipend Leadership Positions

There are certain leadership positions within ASLC  that come with a small stipend. These stipends, while not particularly large, mark the position as a substantial leadership commitment and are intended to compensate for the amount of time they take up. The stipends do not affect a student's eligibility for federal work-study or campus employment jobs.  


Work-Study & Campus Employment Jobs

ASLC employs a number of federal work-study students throughout the organization. A small number of these positions require a specific skill set, so students with campus employment may apply. However, most positions require students to have federal work-study. You should contact the supervisor to clarify if students without federal work-study are eligible for a particular position.