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ASLC Finance

Thank you for visiting the finance section of the ASLC website. Here you can find all the things you need to manage your organization's finances. There is "how to" section below detailing how to get and use the resources you need as well as links to all the forms you might need to get access to your money. We hope that this information will help you to run your clubs smoothly and effectively during the 2014-2015 academic year.


2011-2012 ASLC Approved Budget


Fill Out a Van Request form here

      Vans are now a flat rate of $30. Your club will only be approved for a van if sufficient funds are available. You will need to bring the form to the ASLC office and leave it in the hanging box outside of the VP of Business and Finance's office labeled Van Requests: In. After it has been signed, you will then need to pick it up and bring it to Dan Fergueson, Director of College Activities, in his office on the 3rd floor of Riley. If he is not there, then you may leave it on the corkboard on the office door. It is your responsibility to pick it up and bring it to facilities with all of the necessary signatures.

Download a Check Request form here 

      Please read the instructions carefully and fill out the requests accurately and completely. Campus mail is slow, so the best way to receive a check is through the club mailboxes in the ASLC office. I will, however, send them wherever they have been requested.


View the Budgetary Policies to find out what you can spend your money on.


How to make a deposit:

   1. Bring the money to the ASLC office

   2. Fill out a deposit envelope COMPLETELY. These envelopes are located outside the VP of Business and Finance's office on top of the black box.

   3. Place the money inside the envelope and the envelope inside the black box

   4. I will deposit the money into your club or organization's account within the week


Thank you for your organization's involvement on campus! We hope this page makes it a little easier to effectively use the student body fees allocated to you.

If you have any questions, you can email:

ASLC Vice President of Business & Finance, Calvin Howell
or stop by the ASLC office on the second floor of Riley