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ASLC Office

Get to know your ASLC Cabinet members a little better here. Have a question? Don't hesitate to shoot the appropriate person an email. Or, you can always drop in during their office hours: View Cabinet Office Hours Here

Dillon Casados         



Job Description:

The ASLC President represents the student body of the McMinnville campus. Serving as the head of the ASLC cabinet, the president has many duties and responsibilities. The president attends monthly faculty assemblies, college planning and budgeting meetings, and serves as the voice for the student body at these official meetings. The ASLC president also serves on the budgeting committee each year and helps allocate student body fees to pay for activities, sports, clubs and other aspects of student life here at Linfield.

About Dillon:

As your new President-elect for ASLC I’d like to introduce you, the student body, to next year’s Cabinet. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to build a cohesive, skilled, and diverse team that is ready to work together in meeting your needs as the student body! Please take advantage of the time that I spend in Jazzman’s to sit with me, share your ideas that you believe will enhance your experience at Linfield and express any concerns that you have. It’s my job to take these ideas and concerns and both influence and delegate my team to take appropriate action in fulfilling your requests. From here, we will work to make your experience at Linfield one of the best experiences you’ve encountered. These are the best four years of our lives, right?! I’m grateful to share this experience with all of you!

Jake Baker
Vice President




Job Description:

As the Vice President I facilitate Senate meetings once a week in addition to monthly meetings with the Committee Chairs of the four Senate Committees. Within that I help Senators voice the concerns of their constituents and pass legislation. I am also a member of the ASLC Cabinet and through that work to improve the Linfield community. Additionally, I am also a full member of the Linfield Board of Trustees. 

About Jake:

My name is Jake Baker and I was voted to be the next vice president of ASLC. I am very humbled to be in this position and am thankful for the opportunity. Next year some of my main responsibilities include being a student trustee on the board of directors and running the ASLC senate. Over the next 12 months there are a number of projects I would like to take on and explore. Some of these would be projects that address harassment around campus, field accessibility for students, and fan participation at sporting events. I'm very fortunate to be in this position and I hope I can serve the student body well. 

Alexandria Smith 
VP of Business & Finance
Ext. 2512



Job Description:

The ASLC Business Office is responsible for processing and recording all financial information related to ASLC and its student organizations. It is my responsibility to keep accurate records of all ASLC transactions in order to ensure the efficient use of ASLC funds. I also serve as an adviser to the Senate Finance Committee, act as a member of the Activities Council, prepare ASLC tax returns, and work with the President to develop the budget for the year.

Allison Halley
VP of Programming


Job Description:

As the Vice President of Programming, I am responsible for overseeing the Linfield Activities Board (LAB). As an organization, LAB's goal is to plan a diverse range of events that should appeal to a wide variety of students and facilitate and encourage student involvement and participation with college activities. As a vice president, I also serve as a member of ASLC cabinet, and attend senate meetings and contribute to group cabinet decisions.

About Allison:

Hi guys! My name is Allison Halley and I am your new V.P. of Programming. I will oversee Linfield Activities Board and act as a liaison between LAB and ASLC. My goals for this year are as follows: collaborate with clubs and organizations to cosponsor events, build up communication between LAB and the student body, get the students involved and make a point to develop Linfield Activities Board to its fullest potential.


Elizabeth Malain


Job Description:

As Secretary I take minutes at both Senate and Cabinet meetings each week. I also manage ASLC’s web pages. Most often this means uploading the latest minutes but it also entails adding current pictures and useful information. I will also be organizing the elections this spring. In the summer the Secretary plays a part in updating the student handbook as well. Other than these main responsibilities my position is flexible in that I pick up any tasks that are needed to keep Cabinet running smoothly. 

About Elizabeth:

Hey guys! My name's Elizabeth. My job is great because it's so flexible. One of my main goals for this year is to really work with and support the other Cabinet members as much as I can. I also wish to increase student communication with the Cabinet and ASLC as a whole through media sites and advertising the senate summary. My final goal is to continue to increase voting participation in the spring election, and continue to make the election process run as smoothly as possible.



Zane Carey
Sports Director



Job Description:

  • Organize intramural sporting seasons including scheduling
  • Hire and manage IM Commissioners
  • Hire and manage officials
  • Manage winner prizes 
  • Manage equipment inventory
  • Manage IM storage closet
  • Serve as an active cabinet member

About Zane:

Hey Team! I’m Zane Carey and I will be your new Sports Director for the 2013-2014 school year! My job is to work on making every student’s experience with IM Sports the best experience they have! In doing so, each of you who participate in IM sports will have an efficient, competitive yet friendly, and overall fun experience!


Annika Yates 
Club Director



Job Description:

My job as Club Director is to serve the clubs by being their main link to the resources provided to them by the college. I'm also the head of Activities Council, which student groups can petition to help fund a variety of activities. In general I'm here to help students get more out of their time here at Linfield!

About Annika:

Hi! I’m Annika Yates, and I’m an International Relations and German Studies double major. I am exited to assume the role of Club Director next year! My main goals are to increase communication between the ASLC and student clubs, to increase student club participation, and to create a space for different clubs to collaborate together on projects and events. 

Nicole Paulachak
Publicity Director



Job Description: 

As Publicity Director of ASLC it is my job to make sure the student body is aware of campus events! Publicity is in charge of making all the banners that are hung on the first floor of Riley, and in Dillin. Publicity also maintains the fliers posted on the ASLC bulletin boards around campus. ASLC publicity is a great resource for clubs around campus to get recognized and to build their organization as well as publicize events. Publicity is also now responsible for updating ASLC Facebook and Twitter. 


About Nicole:

Hi, my name is Nicole Paulachak and I'm the Publicity Director for the 2013-2014 school year. My goal for next year is to incorporate a variety of media to publicize campus events in new and fun ways! I'm also looking to hire TWO creative designers and TWO distributors to work under me to help create and distribute publicity. Please contact me if you have any questions in regards to these positions


Nick Konen
Student Center Director


Job Description:

As Student Center Director my job is to oversee the bike co-op, game room, and campus information center. I hire and manage employees, purchase equipment, and generally try to improve these community spaces on campus.

About Nick:

My name is Nick Konen. I am going to be a sophomore in the 2013-2014 school year and will be holding the position of Student Center Director. In this position I plan to keep the CIC, Game Room, and Bike Co-Op running smoothly. I also want to promote their use to the Linfield community and encourage students to take advantage of these awesome resources provided for them.


Dan Fergueson
Director of College Activities
EXT 2435