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ASLC Office

Get to know your ASLC Cabinet members a little better here. Have a question? Don't hesitate to shoot the appropriate person an email. Or, you can always drop in during their office hours: View Cabinet Office Hours Here

Trey Chiu        



Job Description:

The ASLC President represents the student body of the McMinnville campus. Serving as the head of the ASLC cabinet, the president has many duties and responsibilities. The president attends monthly faculty assemblies, college planning and budgeting meetings, and serves as the voice for the student body at these official meetings. The ASLC president also serves on the budgeting committee each year and helps allocate student body fees to pay for activities, sports, clubs and other aspects of student life here at Linfield.

About Trey:

Hey Everyone! First off I want to express my gratitude to you all for electing me as your new ALSC President. My name is Trey Chiu and I was raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. I am a senior majoring in biochemistry and minoring in German studies and philosophy. I will be your student body representative for the McMinnville campus. Serving as the head of the ASLC cabinet, I will do my best to voice the needs of the student body to our talented team and faculty. I will be attending monthly faculty assemblies, college planning and budgeting meetings, and represent the student body at these official meetings. I will be serving on the budgeting committee this year and be helping to allocate student body fees to pay for activities, sports, clubs and other aspects of student life here at Linfield.

Ivanna Tucker
Vice President




Job Description:

As the Vice President I facilitate Senate meetings once a week in addition to monthly meetings with the Committee Chairs of the four Senate Committees. Within that I help Senators voice the concerns of their constituents and pass legislation. I am also a member of the ASLC Cabinet and through that work to improve the Linfield community. Additionally, I am also a full member of the Linfield Board of Trustees. 

About Ivanna:

Hello Linfield! I’m Ivanna Tucker, I’m a senor from Portland, OR. I’m majoring in Mass Communication & Communication Arts. I am so excited to be your ASLC Vice President. My goal over the next year is to work on making sure students feel their opinions are being heard and increase attendance at events. Also, I want to ensure the new senate format works to the best of its capabilities. Next year, I hope to find more ways to get senate involved as a group and help them develop a dominant presence on campus. It's going to be a great year! Rollcats!

Calvin Howell
VP of Business & Finance



Job Description:

The ASLC Business Office is responsible for processing and recording all financial information related to ASLC and its student organizations. It is my responsibility to keep accurate records of all ASLC transactions in order to ensure the efficient use of ASLC funds. I also serve as an adviser to the Senate Finance Committee, act as a member of the Activities Council, prepare ASLC tax returns, and work with the President to develop the budget for the year.

About Calvin:

My name is Calvin Howell and I was hired to be the next vice president of Business and Finance of ASLC. I am very happy to get this opportunity to serve the student body. I am a Finance major with religious studies and sports management minors. In my time away from the office I run for the Cross Country and Track team here at Linfield and I also am an aspiring Hip-Hop/Rap artist. If you ever have any questions or want to get to know me further, you can find me in the ASLC office or running around McMinnville. Go Cats! 



Kacie Copeland
VP of Programming


Job Description:

As the Vice President of Programming, I am responsible for overseeing the Linfield Activities Board (LAB). As an organization, LAB's goal is to plan a diverse range of events that should appeal to a wide variety of students and facilitate and encourage student involvement and participation with college activities. As a vice president, I also serve as a member of ASLC cabinet, and attend senate meetings and contribute to group cabinet decisions.

About Kacie:

My name is Kacie Copeland and I am a business management major and senior here at Linfield! I first served on Linfield Activities Board as secretary, and now I am taking on the wonderful challenge as VPP. I am very excited because I love being able to get involved on campus and meet new people! We have great events each week that are free to students so make sure not to miss them or you will be disappointed! 



Jessica Nolan


Job Description:

As Secretary I take minutes at both Senate and Cabinet meetings each week. I also manage ASLC’s web pages. Most often this means uploading the latest minutes but it also entails adding current pictures and useful information. I will also be organizing the elections this spring. In the summer the Secretary plays a part in updating the student handbook as well. Other than these main responsibilities my position is flexible in that I pick up any tasks that are needed to keep Cabinet running smoothly. 

About Jessica:

I'm Jessica Nolan, a senior from Seattle, Washington. I'm a Spanish major and a Visual Culture Minor. And I am so excited to be your Secretary for this school year. Some of my goals include working to get more people involved with elections in the spring. I'd really love to raise the percentage of people voting even more than last year. I'm looking into reaching out to people who may not be as involved in clubs and activities to get them excited about ASLC and running for positions.



Kaitlyn Stratton
Sports Director


Job Description:

My job as ASLC Sports Director is to organize intramural sporting seasons including scheduling games. I am also in charge of hiring and managing IM Commissioners, as well as sports officials. Managing the equipment inventory and keeping the IM storage closet organized is another one of my duties. I also have the awesome job of managing and giving out prizes to winning teams. As well, I serve as an active cabinet member.

About Kaitlyn:

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Stratton, I’m a sophomore from Emmett, ID. I am an International Relations & International Business major. I have participated in a Coed Softball league, Powder-puff football, and a Coed bowling league at Linfield, as well I have been enlisted in the US Army for two years and currently compete in Combatives and Jiu Jitsu. I hope to incorporate my previous experience and my athletic past to expand the intramural sports program here at Linfield College. I want to create an intramural sports relationship between the other colleges in the area. It is also my desire to have more spontaneous events such as weekend tournaments or weeknight games that do not require the commitment that the longer seasons do. My hope is to build off of the new online system and utilize it to further the possibility that surrounds IM Sports.



Gabe Wells
Club Director


Job Description:

My job as Club Director is to serve the clubs by being their main link to the resources provided to them by the college. I'm also the head of Activities Council, which student groups can petition to help fund a variety of activities. In general I'm here to help students get more out of their time here at Linfield!!

About Gabe:

I'm Gabe Wells, a senior from Clackamas, Oregon, working toward a double major in Philosophy and Management, with a minor in music. I'm very passionate about studying, creating, and performing all types of music, particularly jazz. I hope that my experiences serving in leadership positions in Greek Life will help me further the goals of ASLC cabinet team, as well as allow me to bring a unique perspective to the Club Director position. I look forward to meeting and cooperating with the many diverse clubs and organizations here on campus, and plan to foster a deeper sense of community through a continued prevalence of club activities and events.


Olivia Marovich
Publicity Director



Job Description: 

Publicity Director for ASLC is responsible for managing all the media that publicizes events on campus for ASLC sponsored clubs. Events are advertised by using fliers, banners and table tents in various places around campus where students can see them and learn about all the fun stuff happening at Linfield. The Publicity Director also posts on the ASLC Facebook and Twitter pages so students who follow ASLC online can learn about events that way. ASLC publicity is a great way for clubs to get recognized around campus and build a stronger organization! 

About Olivia:

My name is Olivia Marovich, I’m a senior mass communications major and political science minor and I am the Publicity Director for 2014-2015! One of my goals for the year is to keep people on campus informed about the events and clubs Linfield has to offer through fliers, banners and table tents. I will also put more focus on social media and work on utilizing the student-run media organizations on campus to get the word out there about ASLC-sponsored clubs. I’m excited to start the new year and begin working with my amazing cabinet members!


Isabella Porporato
Student Center Director


Job Description:

As Student Center Director my job is to oversee the Bike Co-Op, Game Room, and Campus Information Center. I hire the Bike Co-Op Manager to manage the Bike Co-Op. As well as hiring and managing employees for the Game Room and Campus Information Center each semester and Jan Term. I create a budget and from that budget I purchase any supplies that are needed, and figure out ways to improve these student community spaces on campus. 

About Isabella:

My name is Isabella Porporato and I am from Santa Cruz, CA. I am going to be a senior during the 2014-2015 school year while holding the position of Student Center Director. This year I have a lot of changes in mind I want to implement to the Game Room, CIC, and Bike Co-Op. I plan on making several renovation type changes to improve each of these student spaces over the remainder of the 2014 calendar year, so come check them out this Fall and take advantage of these resources that are offered for students.


Dan Fergueson
Director of College Activities
EXT 2435