2017-2018 ASLC Cabinet Officers

Get to know your ASLC Cabinet members a little better here. Have a question? Don't hesitate to shoot the appropriate person an email. Or, you can always drop in during their office hours.

Tenzin Yangchen

Tenzin Yangchen


Job Description:

The ASLC President represents the student body of the McMinnville campus. Serving as the head of the ASLC Cabinet, the president has many duties and responsibilities. The president attends monthly faculty assemblies, college planning and budgeting meetings, and serves as the voice for the student body at these official meetings. The ASLC president also serves on the budgeting committee each year and helps allocate student body fees to pay for activities, sports, clubs and other aspects of student life here at Linfield.

About Tenzin:

Tenzin is a Senior this year, majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Molecular Biology. Tenzin is involved in the UNA Linfield Chapter, Multicultural Programs and Forensics: a Linfield debate team. Tenzin hopes to serve as the voice and represent the student body. Among Tenzin’s other aspirations this year is connecting with students through ASLC and make students’ experiences worthwhile with events and resources. In her spare time, Tenzin likes to travel and eat. A fun fact about Tenzin: she can speak 7 languages fluently!

Alleta Maier
Vice President


Job Description:

The ASLC Vice President is president of the ASLC Senate and facilitates Senate meetings once a week. Within that the Vice President helps Senators voice the concerns and questions of the student body and pass legislation. The ASLC Vice President is also a member of the ASLC Cabinet and through that works to improve the Linfield community. Additionally, the ASLC Vice President is a full voting member of the Linfield Board of Trustees.

About Alleta :

Alleta is a senior this year, majoring in Physics and Mathematics with a Gender Studies minor. is very involved on campus, participating in Fusion, Safe Space Training, Sigma Kappa Phi Executive board, Alpha Lambda Delta honors society and tutors students in Physics and Math. Alleta hopes to empower a diverse group of Linfield voices through Senate, Cabinet and representing the student body through the Board of Trustees. Among her goals,  hopes to create a student advocacy program for survivors of sexual assault. In spare time (when she has it) she likes to volunteer for sexual assault response nonprofits. As well as volunteering, Alleta has done research in dark matter and neutrino physics at Duke university and hopes to someday be a professor of Physics. Coming from a low-income family Alleta hadn't traveled much until this last year, traveling to Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada and China.

Drew Accimus
VP of Business & Finance


Job Description:

The ASLC Business Office is responsible for processing and recording all financial information related to ASLC and its student organizations. It is their responsibility to keep accurate records of all ASLC transactions in order to ensure the efficient use of ASLC funds. The VP of Business and Finance is also an adviser to the Senate Finance Committee, acts as a member of the Activities Council, prepares ASLC tax returns, and works with the President to develop the budget for the year.

About Drew:

Kainoa Cuttitta
VP of Programming


Job Description: 
The Vice President of Programming is responsible for overseeing the Linfield College Activities Team (LCAT). As an organization, LCAT's goal is to plan a diverse range of events that should appeal to a wide variety of students and facilitate and encourage student involvement and participation with college activities. VP of Programming also serves as a member of ASLC cabinet, and attends senate meetings and contributes to group cabinet decisions.

About Kainoa:

Kainoa is a Junior majoring in Economics with a minor in both Environmental studies and wine studies. Kainoa is involved in ASLC and LCAT, as well as the Scribe for the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. Kainoa hopes to bring a wide variety of fun events to campus. In Kainoa's spare time she likes to hang out with friends, go shopping and drink copious amounts of coffee. A fun fact about Kainoa is that she has 17 goats!


LCAT on social media: https://www.facebook.com/lab.activitiesboard.9

Jacob Jackson


Job Description:

The ASLC secretary takes minutes at both Senate and Cabinet meetings each week. The ASLC secretary also manages ASLC’s web pages. Most often this means uploading the latest minutes but it also entails adding current pictures and useful information. The ASLC secretary will also be organize ASLC elections each spring. In the summer the Secretary plays a part in updating the student handbook as well. The secretary is also helpful in organizing community service events for the ASLC Cabinet to take part in. Other than these main responsibilities the position is flexible in that I pick up any tasks that are needed to keep Cabinet running smoothly. 

About Jacob:

Jacob is a senior this year, Majoring in both French and English literature. Jacob is involved with ASLC, French club, and is the Health and Safety officer of Pi Kappa Alpha. Jacob's long term goals are to increase the usage and utility of the ASLC application and plan fun, constructive volunteer opportunities for both Cabinet and Senate. In his spare time, Jacob likes reading, writing poetry and short stories, hiking, and enjoying time with his friends. Jacob studied in Aix-en-Provence during his sophomore year and is fluent in French!

Brian Valentine
Sports Director


Job Description:

The ASLC Sports Director organizes the intramural sporting seasons including scheduling game. They also hire and manage IM Commissioners and sports officials. Managing the equipment inventory and keeping the IM storage closet organized is another one of their duties. The ASLC Sports Director also has the job of managing and giving out prizes/tshirts to winning teams. They also serve as an active cabinet member and attend all senate meetings.

About Brian:

Brian is a senior Marketing major, a member of the Theta Chi fraternity and co-hosts Banter w/Bval & Buuck on 90.3FM and Broadcaster for Linfield Sports Network. Brian's goal for his position is to Make IM Sports great. In Brian's spare time he likes to do outdoor activities, Fantasy football, watch sports, work out and enjoy drinks during happy hour. A fun fact about Brian was that Pablo Sandoval flipped him off during a Giants game once.

AnnaMarie Motis

Club Director



Job Description:

The ASLC Club Director serves all ASLC clubs by being their main link to the resources provided to them by the college. They're also Activities Council Chair, which student groups can petition to help fund a variety of activities. In general the ASLC Club Director is here to help students get more out of their time here at Linfield via creating and maintaining clubs.

About :

AnnaMarie is a Sophomore majoring in both International Relations and Business, minoring in Spanish and Law, Rights and Justice. AnnaMarie is a member of the Alpha Phi Sorority, the Yoga Club President, the Women's Basketball Team Manager as well as a member of Fusion. AnnaMarie is continuing to ask herself what "spare time" is but she loves traveling in South America. AnnaMarie was born and raised in Alaska and her goal is to facilitate community for like-minded students, to support club leadership financially/organizationally and also spread awareness of club activities to increase student involvement.

Matt Totaro
Publicity Director



Job Description: 

Publicity Director for ASLC is responsible for managing all the media that publicizes events on campus for ASLC sponsored clubs. Events are advertised by using social media, fliers, banners, and table tents in various places around campus where students can see them and learn about all the fun stuff happening at Linfield. The Publicity Director also maintains the ASLC Facebook and Twitter pages so students who follow ASLC online can learn about events that way. ASLC publicity is a great way for clubs and departments to get recognized around campus and build a stronger organization.

About Matt:

Matt is a senior this year, majoring in Mass Communications. Matt is involved in ASLC, Peer Advising and is a Student Research assistant. Matt's main goal is to build relationships with the student body. In his free time, Matt enjoys Hiking, snowboarding and traveling the wide world. Matt's favorite movie is Goodfellas.

Mike Sheldon
Student Center Director


Job Description:

The ASLC Student Center Director's job is to oversee the Bike Co-Op, Game Room, and Campus Information Center. They hire the Bike Co-Op Manager to manage the Bike Co-Op as well as hiring and managing employees for the Game Room and Campus Information Center each semester. The ASLC Student Center Director creates a budget and from that budgets and purchases any supplies that are needed, and figures out ways to improve these student community spaces on campus.

Dan Fergueson
Director of College Activities


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