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ASLC: Associated Students of Linfield College ASLC Cabinet

ASLC Cabinet

The ASLC Cabinet is the executive branch of ASLC. Made up of two elected officers (President and Vice President) and seven officers appointed by the President and VP and approved by the ASLC Senate, the Cabinet is responsible for planning a variety of programs, representing the student body, and advising the Senate.

President - Nathan Pellatz

  1. Represent ASLC at official and social functions.
  2. Supervise the financially supported and related programs and activities of ASLC with final responsibility.
  3. Chair ASLC and Executive Cabinet.
  4. Be an ex officio member of the Linfield College Activities Team.
  5. Represent students on the College Planning and Budget Council.
  6. Represent students at College faculty assembly meetings.

Vice President - Kenna Whatley

  1. Preside over all Senate meetings as President of the Senate.
  2. Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  3. Be a consultant to all Senators and Senate committees.
  4. Represent the students as a voting member of the Board of Trustees of Linfield College with all the rights and privileges thereof.
  5. Carry to the Board of Trustees student opinion and any ASLC legislation that may affect College policy.
  6. Report to the Senate and Cabinet on the meetings of the Board of Trustees.
  7. Conduct a review of the ASLC Bylaws once every fall semester to ensure accuracy and reflect any changes needed.
  8. Work with elected Pro Tempore to plan Senate business and edit ASLC Bylaws.

VP of Business and Finance - Theo Petropoulos

  1. Collect all money accruing to ASLC and pay all authorized bills and warrants.
  2. Keep an accurate account of ASLC receipts and disbursements.
  3. Personally present a weekly financial report to the Senate.
  4. Supervise, with operational responsibility, the accounts and operation of all ASLC-funded organizations.
  5. Be on campus as needed during the summer to attend to ASLC business.
  6. Be a business or accounting major.
  7. Appoint an assistant with the advice of President and Vice President
  8. Serve as a member of the Activities Council.

VP of Programming - Cruz Morey

  1. Supervise a variety of fun, recreational, entertaining, and educational events and programs for the Linfield student community that foster communication, leadership, growth, and enjoyment with the advice of the Director of College Activities and the consent of the Linfield College Activities Team.
  2. Appoint several board chairs with the advice of the Linfield College Activities Team Selection Committee and the consent of the President.
  3. Chair the Linfield College Activities Team.
  4. Have final responsibility on all events and full responsibility of those events not covered by the Linfield College Activities Team chairs.
  5. Head the planning of Welcome Week and Wildstock, both with the assistance of the Linfield College Activities Team.
  6. Serve as a member of the Activities Council and the Jan Term Planning Committee.

Secretary - Helen Lee

  1. Take minutes and roll at the Senate and Cabinet meetings.
  2. Duplicate and distribute the Senate minutes to Senators and to any member of ASLC upon request.
  3. Post all Senate minutes and weekly reports online on the ASLC website.
  4. Verify all requirements of ASLC positions.
  5. Have final responsibility in maintaining ASLC the office spaces.
  6. Plan and direct community service projects for the Cabinet.
  7. Manage ASLC app event notifications.
  8. Update the Linfield website with current ASLC Officer information.
  9. Plan the ASLC President and Vice President elections

Club Director - Connell Crabtree

  1. Preside over regularly scheduled Activities Council meetings.
  2. Maintain a current database of clubs and organizations.
  3. Be a resource for clubs during the funding process.
  4. Work with the Office of College Activities to help provide leadership assistance to all clubs and organizations.
  5. Work closely with the Office of College Activities regarding club communication, projects, and events.
  6. Be responsible for the organization of a club and organization information during orientation week.

Publicity Director - Elizabeth Gibson

  1. Hire and supervise publicity work study students.
  2. Oversee the publicity committee.
  3. Supervise and maintain all publicity materials.
  4. Make available publicity materials to students wishing to publicize an event.
  5. Publicize all ASLC sponsored events using all possible tools.
  6. Manage social media accounts and ASLC online presence
  7. Hire at least one student with photo/video experience to document ASLC events.

Sports Director - Bobby Tarnapoll

  1. Oversee all ASLC sports activities; including intramural and club sports with final authority and provide a safe outlet for recreational sports.
  2. Appoint Intramural Sport Supervisors with the advice of a selection committee and the consent of the President.
  3. Chair meetings of the Intramural Sport Supervisors, as needed.
  4. Handle all necessary communications between ASLC Sports and the College, including facilities, field reservations, and field maintenance.
  5. Purchase and maintain all intramural equipment.
  6. Maintain an on-going inventory of intramural equipment.
  7. Hire and supervise intramural work-study students.

Student Center Director - Mike Sheldon

  1. Oversee the operation of the Game Room, Campus Information Center, and Bike Co-op.
  2. Supervise the maintenance of all Game Room, Campus Information Center, and Bike Co-op equipment.
  3. Hire and supervise Game Room, Campus Information Center, and Bike Co-op work study students and the Bike Co-op Manager.
  4. Distribute the ASLC employment policy.
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