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Liz Obert - Associate Professor Coordinator of Electronic Arts major (on sabbatical fall 2014)

Miller Fine Arts Center 105

Education: 1999 MFA Photography, Washington State University 1993 BFA Photography College of Santa Fe (Summa Cum Laude)

Academic Interests:
Photography, Installation work, Painting, and Digital imaging.

Exhibitions Solo:

2008 "Observations from the Nicoya Penisula," Linfield Fine art Gallery, Linfield College, McMinnville, OR

2006 New work from Hungary, Studio Gallery, Linfield College, McMinnville, OR.

2005 Found Paintings in a Changing Landscape, Push Dot Gallery, Portland, OR.

2004 Urban Glances, Push Dot Gallery, Portland, OR.

2002 Recent Works, Omni Gallery, Portland, OR.

2001 A History of Intimate Spaces, Fleck Gallery, Portland, OR.

2000 A History of Intimate Spaces, Washington State University Vancouver, WA.

2000 A History of Intimate Spaces, Renshaw Gallery, Linfield College, Mc McMinnville, OR.

Exhibitions Group:
2008 AIR, International Artists Residencies Budapest/Balatonfured/Csopak,Vízívárosi Galéia, Budapest, Hungary

2007 Construct/ Re-Construct, Cathedral Park Place, Portland, OR

2007 The Other Portland , Portland Art Center, Portland, OR (Jan)

2007 13th International Artist Residencies Exhibit, Vizivarosi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2006 13th International Artist Residencies Exhibit, Congress Center, Balatonfured, Hungary

2006 Aluminum, Silver and Chrome, CSF Alumni Exhibition, Marion Center, Santa Fe, NM

2005 18 Independent Artists fundraising exhibition, Portland Art Center, Portland OR

2005 Vantage Points, Linfield Fine Art Gallery, McMinnville, OR

2005 Group Show, Push Dot Gallery, Portland, OR

2005 chroma, Gallery 500, Portland, OR (juried)

2004 Coloso, Portland OR

2004 Urban Glances, Tin Shed, Portland OR

2004 Cascade AIDS Auction , Selected for the Juried live auction and Catalog, 15th Annual Benefit, Montgomery Park, Portland, OR

2004 Pixel Re(s)volution, Mt. Hood Community College, Visual Arts Center, Gresham, OR

2003 Process,Portland Center for the Advancement of Culture, Portland, OR

2003 Aesthetics of Science, Linfield Fine Art Gallery, McMinnville, OR

2002 Emergence, Litman Gallery, Portland, OR

2001 Charm Bracelet: meeting people, Oak Street Lofts, Portland, OR (Non-Juried exhibition)

2001 Linfield Faculty Show: Past and Present, Linfield Fine Art Gallery, McMinnville, OR (group)

2001 Portland Independent Salon, Bollenbach Art Labs, Portland, OR (group)

2001 What they did, Ona Gallery, Portland, OR .

Favorite Writers

Italo Calvino,Terry Pratchet, Neil Gaiman