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Linfield Alumni Profiles

Linfield College is very proud of our alumni and the impact they have on their communities. Below are profiles of a few of the over 21,000 people that call themselves alumni of Linfield College. Would you like to be featured as an Alumni Profile? If so, fill out the Alumni Career Path form, and you will be contacted by a member from the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Passing on Lessons Learned at Linfield

Jeff Roberts '97
Assistant Principal and Head Football Coach
Seaside High School

"Linfield provided three invaluable things to me: an outstanding, well rounded education; a circle of lifelong friends; and an experience as a student-athlete that was second to none."

A Fascination with Transformation

Kristine Oller '93
Change Strategist

"But here's the secret about a liberal arts education – and this especially holds true regarding the education one receives as a theatre major at Linfield College – the classes you take are merely vessels for the true life lessons being taught."

Working Strategically for Social Change

Colin Jones '11
Director of Communications
MRG Foundation

"I can't think of a better way to prepare for a 21st century career than a Linfield education."

Succeeding in the Wine Industry

Lindsay Woodard '99
Proprietor, Retour Winery
Owner, Lindsay Woodard Communications

"Being a Wildcat instilled the determination, values and courage to achieve my goals and success with all of my established ventures."

Drawn to a Career in Business

Hayden Mace '12
Marketing Manager

"Linfield provides the opportunity for 1:1 and small group learning and interaction, which is essential in the "real world," no matter your career path."

A Passion for Fashion

Justin Roisom '09
Assistant Merchant

"Linfield offered me the opportunity to earn a top notch education, participate in a plethora of various activities, and meet many individuals who have helped shape me as a person."

Educator, Speaker and Author

Natalie Boero '96
Associate Professor of Sociology
San Jose State University

"At Linfield I was able to really grow both as an intellectual and as a person. I am so grateful for my time at Linfield and I reflect on it often."

Enjoying the McMinnville Lifestyle

John Paul Bierly '02
Minister of Music and Small Groups
First Baptist Church (McMinnville)

"Having a broadly focused Bachelor of Arts degree from Linfield helped me discover my passion by exposing me to a wide range of ideas and ways of looking at the world."

Serving the LGBTQ community of L.A.

Curt Shepard '78
Director of the Department of Children, Youth & Family Services
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

"As someone who has changed careers several times since graduating from Linfield, I consider myself a living example of the benefits of a liberal education."

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