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Advice for new students

Student moving in

Thanks to all of the alumni who shared their sage advice about how to survive the first few weeks on campus. Linfield's Student Alumni Association will be distributing these words of wisdom to the newest generation of Wildcats as they get settled in their new home.

My advice is always to try something that you've never done before. That's how I got into ASB (Alternative Spring Break) and it changed my world! –Lauren Ross '11

Get out of your room as much as possible. And when you're hanging out in your room, leave the door open! Get outside your comfort zone as much as possible, and don't miss any opportunities to make new friends and try new things. –Monica (Nelson) Devlin '07

Class is SUPER overrated, in comparison to extracurricular stuff. Knowing the bones in your body, the string of presidents, or leadership theory isn't going to get you a job. Managing budgets, meeting people, and getting stuff done will! –Colin Jones '11

I guess I'd say, take advantage of all the free stuff LAB and ASLC have to offer. You paid your student fees - enjoy the activities! –Lizzie Martinez '09

Break out of your comfort zone! You're starting a new adventure where you have an opportunity to learn who you really are, so when you go to class or for breakfast in Dillin don't be afraid to sit by someone new and introduce yourself. It will help keep the 'Linfield Hello' alive, plus you'll meet some of your amazing classmates you wouldn't have known otherwise. It might feel awkward at first, but that's how I've met some of the people I still remain close to from school. Don't be afraid to take extracurricular opportunities, try everything out and don't be ashamed to say no or leave a club if it doesn't strike your fancy. –Sam Bartlett '09

Value each and every relationship you make at Linfield because that's where you cultivate long lasting friendships and great support on your future endeavors from former professors and faculty. You don't realize the power and significance one letter of recommendation can have on your life, so take time to get to know your professors and your advisor. Your time at Linfield is what YOU make it, so take time to make strong relationships with those around you. –Lacey Beth Peck '09

After you've got your feet wet, get involved! Find a group you're interested in (such as forensics, international club, etc.) and start to stretch your wings! –Ava (Maliner) Philippus '83


Try everything! Take a course in a new department, chat up fellow students involved in extracurriculars, and sit on the sidelines of an IM match. You might just find something you never expected to love! -Julia (Kanagoa) Ramsey '05

Finally, get ready. College was hands down the most fun I've had in my entire life. Seven people in my wedding were my best girls from college. My memories from Linfield are worth just as much as the great education I received there. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. Linfield is a great place where the professors really care about their students and where the students are genuinely interested in making connections with other people. Be open to those connections and you'll find yourself part of a great group, having the time of your life. –Katie (Mikesell) Button '04

Try and avoid going home to do laundry! I lived too far away from home which "forced" me to get to know McMinnville and establish new friendships on campus. I think hanging out on campus helped me to acclimate faster than those who went home to see their families, so laundry, or hang out with high school friends. –Mark Patterson '88

Make friends with as many people as you can! –Meagan Rosson '08

Remember that everyone else is in the same position as you. They are all new, unsure, inexperienced, and excited. You are not alone. Take time to relax and have fun, don't just hole up and study. Be involved with friends, sports, clubs, and dorm. Have a great year! It is truly a completely new chapter in your book. You get out of it what you put into it. Make it a great one! –Christina '15.

It's not too late to send your advice! Email your words of wisdom to