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Transfer Credit

Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts documenting all previously earned college credit to the Office of Admission.   Upon admission, an initial credit evaluation will be included in the student's admission packet.  Coursework relating to the student's major or minor will count as elective credit until further evaluation by the appropriate department. 

Generally, most credit earned at an accredited institution is transferable to Linfield.  Read on for transfer credit details:

General information about transfer credit:

  • Transfer credit from quarter-based institutions will be converted to the semester system used at Linfield.  Thus, quarter credit hours are divided by 1.5 to equal semester hours.  Example: Three quarter credits is equivalent to 2 semester credits.
  • Up to 72 semester credits may be granted for work taken at an accredited two-year college if is it designated college-level work (courses 100 or higher and non-technical, remedial, or skills development work).  Credit will not be awarded for work or life experience.
  • Transfer credit is not computed in a student's GPA except for the determination of scholastic honors at graduation.

How transfer credit is applied to the Linfield Curriculum (general education requirements)

  • Students who have satisfied the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree requirements will, at a maximum, have to take two Linfield Curriculum courses from two of four Modes of Inquiry as stipulated by the Registrar: Creative Studies, Ultimate Questions, Vital Past, and Quantitative Reasoning.  The student must also complete one upper-division course from any Mode of Inquiry (but outside the student's major department).
  • A transfer course satisfying any Linfield Curriculum requirement will normally be a minimum of 3 semester credit hours.
  • A minimum of 3 semester hours in each of the six Modes of Inquiry is required for graduation.
  • Any course used to meet Linfield Curriculum requirements must be at least 2 semester credits or 3 quarter credits.  
  • A student who transfers in a 2 semester credit course (and is applied to a Mode of Inquiry) will need to complete 2 additional semester credit to satisfy that Mode of Inquiry.


Contact the Office of the Registrar with any questions about your transfer coursework ( or 503-883-2211).