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Transfer Students

As an experienced college student,  you probably know that there are many aspects of college life that contribute to your education.  At Linfield you'll have opportunities for academic and intellectual growth, social life on campus, co-curricular activities, and much more.   The Office of Academic Advising will help you explore what it means to be a student at Linfield College, how to take full advantage of all the opportunities on campus, and how to succeed academically.

Advising and Registration

You will be assigned to a faculty advisor who will assist you with course selection – and who must approve your course schedule before you’ll be able to register for courses online. Follow the Course Selection and Registration Checklist to receive your faculty advisor assignment and get registered.

Fall Start: Registration begins May 1st.
Jan. Term & Spring Start: Registration begins November 15th.


While you already know what it is like to be a college student, you’ve never been a student at Linfield before. You may find the environment different from that of your previous school. The Connections program is designed to ease your transition by introducing you to the Linfield community and helping you meet other new transfer students. Led by a faculty mentor and a peer mentor (former transfer student), you’ll learn what you need to know as a Linfield student, including how academic advising works, how to navigate the Linfield system and how to get involved on campus.

Connections kicks off during Transfer Transitions and continues into the semester. Participation is expected, so review the Transfer Transitions schedule and Connections meeting schedule and plan your schedule accordingly.  You won’t want to miss the valuable information that will be covered and attending these meetings will help you get started at Linfield on the right foot.

Common Reading

As an introduction to the complex questions that underpin a college education, and to facilitate conversation during your first few days on campus, all new students are required to read for 2014-2015 is Ignorance: How it Drives Science by Stuart Firestein. A copy of this text is included in your Transfer Transitions packet. Complete your reading before classes begin and prepare to discuss the book with your Connections group.

 Resources to get Started: