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Registering for classes

Login to WebAdvisor  once your CatNet ID is active and follow these directions to put your courses (and some alternatives) in your ‘Preferred Sections’. The 'Preferred Sections' is like an online shopping cart for courses.  Fill it with the courses that most interest you and once the registration system opens for you, you can easily register (or to extend the analogy, purchase from the cart) the courses that you want.

Begin filling your 'Preferred Sections' with courses as soon as possible. Remember, you will not be enrolled in these courses until you complete the registration process after the registration system opens for you. As with your online shopping cart, putting courses in your 'Preferred Sections' does not guarantee their availability when you actually register.  


Select courses and put them in your ‘Preferred Sections’

  1. Once you have logged into WebAdvisor, click on the blue “Students” box on the right of the screen
  2. Beneath the “Registration” section, click on  “Register for Sections”  



 3. On the next screen, click on “Search and Register for Sections.”  

current students screen 

4. Next, enter the search information using the dropdown menu.  Do Not complete every section of the "Search/Register for Sections form.  Rather, only enter the term (FALL 2013) and Subject (department offering the course) as shown below.  To narrow your search, you may also enter the course number. When you are finished, click "Submit" at bottom of page.

Current Students Screen

5.  The next screen will show a list of courses matching your search criteria.  Scan the list for the course section name that you want, carefully noting the meeting information and availability.  Check the box next to the course you want (as shown below) and then click “Submit” on the bottom of the page.

Current Students Screen

6. The next screen will show the course you selected has been placed in your “Preferred Sections.”  If the registration system has not opened for you yet, this is as far as you can go. Repeat the process to fill your "Preferred Sections" with your first-choice courses.

After the date and time when registration opens for you, go to your "Preferred Sections" and complete the registration process, as shown below.  Upon registering, you may find that some of the courses in your 'Preferred Sections' are full (check the capacity information on the right) or prerequisites have not been met.

Registering the classes in your Preferred Sections

If you have already filled your 'Preferred Sections,' follow these instructions to complete registration once  the system opens for you:

  1. Login to WebAdvisor
  2. Click on the “Students” box
  3. Under the “Registration” section, click on the “Register for Sections” link
  4. Click on “Register for Previously Selected Sections”
  5. You will see your courses in your “Preferred Sections”
  6. The “Action” column on the left contains a dropdown menu for each class. Choose “RG Register” to register for the courses in which you want to register
  7. At the bottom of the page, make sure that the bottom dropdown menu states “PART Complete only available”. (This will allow you to  register only in the courses that that are available even if there are some in your preferred list that are not). 


Current Students Screen

8. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen

On the next screen, you will see the courses that have registered for in the current registration section below "Preferred Sections."  A message will appear at the top of the screen if there were any errors in your registration (e.g. two course times conflict with each other,  one or more courses are full, or you have not met the prerequisites for one or more courses).  In such cases, you will need to revise your schedule and add alternative courses to your "Preferred Sections," then complete the registration process. Be sure to register for a minimum of 12 credits! 

Waitlisting for a course

If you wish to register for a course that is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist for the course by selecting the “waitlist” option on the “Action” dropdown menu for the class and click “Submit.” If space becomes available in the course, you will be contacted via email by the Registrar’s Office. Check your Linfield email account frequently. Once the Registrar's Office has contacted you, you will have three days to adjust your course schedule and register for the waitlisted course. If you do not take action within the three days, the space in the course will be offered to another student on the waitlist.

View your course schedule

  1. Once in WebAdvisor, Go back to the “Student’s Menu” page
  2. Under “Registration” click on “My Class Schedule”
  3. Select the term you registered for (e.g. FALL 2013)     
  4. "Click Submit"

Current Students Screen


5. Your course schedule will appear; review it carefully and print a copy for your records. WebAdvisor will remain open to allow you to make changes to your schedule, however note that as time progresses, courses will fill up.  Click on the “Log Out” tab at the top center of the page

Congratulations! You are now registered! 


Buying books

Once you have registered, you can click on a link on the “Course Schedule” page in WebAdvisor to access a personalized textbook list for all your courses. You can also visit the Linfield College Bookstore online at and enter in your courses to create your own textbook buying list. If you place your order, you will have to option to modify your order as needed (to accommodate schedule changes) until it is processed. When you place the order, specify that you want to pick up your books at the Bookstore once you arrive on campus. You’ll be able to make additional changes to your book order when you stop by the Bookstore for pick-up.