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3. Advising Interest Survey

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1. What were your two favorite classes in high school?
2. What were your two least favorite classes in high school?

7. Which of the following languages would you consider studying in college:

8. From the list below, please enter those areas which you enjoy or which you feel you're good at. (Enter as many as you wish.)

11. How do you rate your high school study skills?

12. In which of the following areas do you anticipate needing tutoring or other assistance? (Choose as many as you’d like.)

15.. From the list below, which of the following would you like to know more about? (Select as many as you want.)

16. From the list below, please select which types of clubs you would like to learn more about.

17. Are you planning to participate in intercollegiate athletics?

18. Below is a list of majors and minors offered at Linfield College. Select the five that interest you or that you’d like to learn about. Rate them by order of preference, 1 being the most preferred.



19. Are you considering earning a secondary education certificate (to teach at the high school or middle school level)?

21. What graduate education would you consider?

22. What technology will you be bringing with you to Linfield?

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