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Freshmen Colloquium

Colloquium is a required, 1 credit course for all incoming first year students. It is team taught by a faculty member and a peer advisor. The course begins during Orientation weekend and runs through fall semester.  Colloquium classroom locations are available here and on the list of course offerings.  

In Colloquium you will: 

  • Receive guidance and support in adjusting to college life
  • Discover the ins and outs of navigating Linfield
  • Get to know faculty and peer advisors
  • Learn about resources on campus
  • Receive advising and assistance in registering for classes
  • Improve time management and study skills
  • Consider and make plans for short and long term academic goals
  • Make new friends and build community

The class materials and discussions in Colloquium are designed to provide you with tools for success in college. Much of what you learn in Colloquium is based upon the feedback of Linfield students and faculty who have taught Colloquium for many years. Like other classes, you should plan to ask questions, participate in discussions, and connect with your faculty and peer advisors individually outside of class. Your first Colloquium assignment is to read The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, by Elizabeth Kolbert. Check out the Summer Common Reading page for more details. You will receive a copy of the book in May, along with your Orientation guide and advising and registration materials. Plan to arrive on campus for Orientation Weekend with the book completed and ready to discuss your ideas with your Colloquium classmates.

Your Colloquium instructor will also serve as your faculty advisor until you decide to declare your major (and your Colloquium advisor may remain your advisor if you choose to major in his/her department). Your other Colloquium instructor is a peer advisor, an upper-class student who will guide you in discovering what it means to be a Linfield student.  View the Colloquium faculty and peer advisor pictures and biographies.

You are pre-enrolled in a Colloquium section and charged a small course fee. Colloquium sections are typically composed of students with similar academic interests and taught by a faculty member and peer advisor in that discipline. There is, however, flexibility in how Colloquium sections are formed - sometimes the numbers of students with a particular interest and faculty advisors in that discipline don't match up or students' academic interests change. That works though, because Colloquium faculty advisors are trained to advise students of ALL academic interests. 

You will receive letters from your Colloquium faculty and peer advisors in the Orientation packet sent in May. Keep these letters, refer to the contact information that your advisors provide, and remember their names for when you meet them in person on Orientation Weekend.