Colloquium is a one credit transition course for all new Linfield students. Through Colloquium, you will learn the value of Linfield’s liberal arts curriculum, how to successfully navigate the transition from your previous institution/educational background to Linfield, and how to strategize ways to engage at Linfield to maximize your goals. Topics covered include: engaging in the Linfield community, exploring who you are and who you want to become, establishing personal and academic goals, and employing academic tools and resources.

In Colloquium, you have the opportunity to develop relationships with a faculty and peer advisor team and become an enthusiastic and engaged member of the Linfield community. Your faculty and peer advisor duo will serve as your primary academic advising resource and will co-teach your Colloquium class.  Your Colloquium instructor will also serve as your faculty advisor until you decide to declare your major (and your Colloquium advisor may remain your advisor if you choose to major in his/her department). Your other Colloquium instructor is a peer advisor, an upper-class student who will guide you in discovering what it means to be a Linfield student.

The class materials and discussions in Colloquium are designed to provide you with tools for success in college. Much of what you learn in Colloquium is based upon the feedback of Linfield students and faculty who have taught Colloquium for many years. Like other classes, you should plan to ask questions, participate in discussions, and connect with your faculty and peer advisors individually outside of class.

You are pre-enrolled in a Colloquium section and charged a small course fee. Colloquium sections are often composed of students with some similar academic interests, but not always. Colloquium faculty and peer advisors are trained to advise students of any academic interest. They will help you lay the foundation for your educational experience at Linfield and prepare you for the rest of your time here!