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Theatre Arts

Chair: Dr. Brenda DeVore Marshall, bmarshl, x2290, Ford T105 
Transfer Advisor: Dr. Brenda DeVore Marshall, bmarshl, x2290, Ford T105 
First-Year Student Contacts: Dr. Janet Gupton, jgupton, x2293, Ford T108 

Those who study communication arts explore the role of communication in human interaction. Topics range from public speaking and rhetoric to persuasion and political communication to interpersonal, nonverbal, and intercultural communication.

Students involved in Linfield theatre are part of one of the most honored small college theatre programs in the Northwest. During the past twenty-five years, students and faculty have received numerous regional and national honors. The Theatre Program typically stages four major productions a year as well as several other theatre events. Participation at any level in these productions is open to all students.



INQS 125: Inquiry Seminar. 4 credits. 

THTR 162: Fundamentals of Theatre Design and Drawing: An exploration of design elements common to all forms of theatrical design. A prerequisite for other design and technical courses. 3 credits. (CS)  Offered fall semester only.


THTR 185: Stagecraft: An introduction to construction of scenery, production organization, and theatre safety. Includes one 2-hour lab per week. A prerequisite for other design and technical courses.  3 credits. (CS)  Offered spring semester only.

THTR 181: Acting: Fundamentals of Acting. A prerequisite for other performance courses. May be taken fall semester, spring semester or January Term. 3 credits. (CS)

Modern Language course. To meet requirements for B.A. degree. (Fall and Spring) 4 credits each term. 



Theatre majors should complete the BA language requirement during their first or second year of study. See 2014-2015 Course Catalog for more detailed descriptions of Major/Minor requirements.


Because of the rotation of course offerings within the Theatre Program and since this course is a prerequisite for other design courses, it is important for theatre majors and minors to take THTR 162 the fall of their first year on campus, if possible. If that is not possible, the course should be taken fall semester of their sophomore year. If the course is full, please have students contact Brenda DeVore Marshall, Chair.

Theatre majors and minors should participate in the theatre production season through performance or technical/crew roles.  Students may earn one credit in THTR 120--Theatre Practicum: Acting (Performance) and/or THTR 110--Theatre Practicum: Production I (Technical work) for these performance or technical roles.

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