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Co-Chair: Dr. Sonia Ticas, sticas, x2367, Walker 324;
Dr. Peter Richardson, prichard, x2249, Walker 322
Transfer Advisor: Dr. Christopher Keaveney, ckeaven, x2584, Walker 321
First-Year student contacts: Dr. Christopher Keaveney, ckeaven, x2584, Walker 321

Spanish is spoken not only in Spain but also throughout Latin America and in the U.S. In fact, Spanish has become the unofficial second language of the United States. Since trade and cooperation with all these countries has increased dramatically in recent decades, and because substantial parts of American society have their origins in these vibrant cultures, the public and private sectors often need Spanish-speaking employees who can communicate effectively and who also possess intercultural skills essential to foster productive relationships.



  • MLSP 101 for those starting or with limited background in the language
  • MLSP 105-302 to be determined by placement examination
  • MLSP 290 and MLSP 291 for bilingual students of Spanish who take a placement to determine level between

Students with some background in Spanish with placement at 201 or above, who are not able to take a language course in the first year, should enroll in a one credit conversation class, MLSP 030.


Students who do not take the placement exam in time for fall registration, may do so before spring registration.

  • MLSP 102
  • Advanced students of Spanish or bilingual students may take courses beyond 302 if they have met pre-requisites.


CORE: For the minor or major in Spanish courses start counting at 202 or 290 for bilingual students. These are also the minimum requirements to study abroad for one semester. More courses beyond 202 and 290 are recommended for minors and majors before going abroad. 40 credits in language courses numbered 202 and above, including: MDLA 380, MDLA 483, MLSP 485 (by departmental invitation, students may substitute MLSP 490 (Honor Thesis) for MDLA 483). Study abroad: Spanish majors study in Ecuador as well as Spain. The two semesters of study abroad will yield no more than 20 of the 40 required credits. Candidates for the major who have spent a year abroad before coming to Linfield (as well as Spanish-English bilingual students) may need to study only one more semester in a foreign country. This depends on their proficiency level upon entering Linfield, to be determined by placement exam and oral proficiency interview. Because majors studying abroad take courses in the host language, they should complete course work up to and including the 302 level before undertaking foreign study.

MINOR: 20 credits in courses numbered 202 and above. No more than 12 credits taken during the semester abroad will count toward the minor. Students must consult with Spanish faculty early in the process before choosing a study abroad site. Upon returning from study abroad, students will need to complete the minor by taking MLSP 302 or another appropriate higher level course.

Notes: Courses in Spanish language, culture, history, or other appropriate field for a minor or major in Spanish. All coursework must be completed in Spanish.  All students regardless of having completed 20 credits for the minor, must take a class at the 302 level or above upon return from study abroad.  Majors take MDLA 483 and MLSP 485.

ELECTIVES: to be determined according to study abroad site or departmental offerings. Options include MLSP 311, 312, 350, 360, and 362.

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