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Academic Advising Faculty and Advisors


Chair: Dr. Kay Livesay, klivesa, x2708, Pioneer 105
Transfer Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Linder, jlinder, x2441, Pioneer 114
First-Year student contact: Dr. Meg Kozak, mkozak, x2209, Pioneer 118 

The science of psychology explores behavior, mental processes and experience. Psychologists apply research, knowledge and expertise to an array of human concerns. The psychology department’s goal is to provide a diversity of courses to meet the range of interests and professional aspirations of students majoring in psychology. The psychology faculty have backgrounds and interests in a variety of areas to assist students as they progress through the major.



  • PSYC 101 Survey of Psychology


  • Any of the following: PSYC 281, 282, 283, 284, 286, 287


  • PSYC 090 either fall or spring semester.  PSYC 251 either fall or spring semester. PSYC 252 spring semester if PSYC 251 is taken fall semester. If another psychology course is desired, students may take either a course numbered in the 280’s or an elective if they have completed the appropriate prerequisites. Please note that one introductory course from each concentration must be taken for a total of 12 credits (see college catalog for information about concentration areas).



A total of 41 credits including: 090, 101, 251, 252 and 485;

  • One introductory course from each concentration for a total of 12 credits:
    • Social/personality (option A): 284 or 287
    • Developmental/abnormal (option B): 281 or 286
    • Biopsychology/cognition (option C): 282 or 283
  • One seminar from one of the concentrations and one other upper division course (may be another seminar) from a different concentration for a total of 8 credits:
    • Social/personality (option A): 330, 347, 384, 387
    • Developmental/abnormal (option B): 341, 352, 372, 381, 386
    • Biopsychology/cognition (option C): 325, 382, 383
  • An additional 4 credits of electives in Psychology 

Minor: At least 20 credits including the following: 101, 251, 252; one course from 281, 282, 283, 284, 286, 287; one seminar other than the Senior Seminar, or one elective selected from Psychology courses numbered 300 and higher; additional Psychology credits to total 20.


Course concentrations within Psychology and other departments will depend on each student’s academic interests.  Students should consult with faculty advisors in Psychology and, where appropriate, in other departments.

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