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Mass Communication

Chair: Dr. Lisa Weidman, lweidma, x2219, Renshaw 102A
Transfer Advisor: Dr. Brad Thompson, bthomps, x2291, Renshaw 203
First-Year student contact: Dr. Brad Thompson, bthomps, x2291, Renshaw 203

The department takes a liberal arts and practical learning approach to the discipline. It offers courses that explore the critical and theoretical framework of mass communication as well as practical courses that help students develop skills necessary for entry into communication-related industries. To assure breadth of study in the major, the department requires completion of a core of courses and study in advanced writing, visual communication and media studies. The department encourages students to minor or double major in a complementary discipline.  The mass communication major offers only the Bachelor of Arts degree; therefore, students must satisfy the B.A. language requirement. Students must complete all major coursework with a grade of C- or above. Majors should obtain a mass communication Major Requirements Progress Sheet from their faculty advisor to help them plan and track their progress through the major.




  • MSCM 150 Living in a Media World(IS or US)
  • MSCM 011 Journalism Practices or MSCM 012 Electronic MediaPracticesStudent takes one or both of these paracurricular courses depending on their media interests. This provides a structured introduction to the Linfield Review, KSLC-FM or Wildcat Productions. Majors will enroll later in one of the required practices classes for a grade later.
  • Begin foreign language requirement
  • Explore a possible double major or minor


  • Any of the above courses not completed in Fall Semester; continue foreign language 
  • MSCM 175 Introduction to Media WritingTaking this course simultaneously with MSCM 150 is strongly discouraged. The course requires instructor consent, INQS and keyboard proficiency.
  • MSCM 187 Mass Communication Career Preparation


  • Any of the above courses not completed in the first year; continue foreign language
  • Any of the MSCM 32x courses in the visual communications area
  • MSCM 275 Information Gathering


CORE: 40 credits including 111 or 112, 150, 175, 180, 230, 275, 321, and 485, and additional courses in writing, visual communication and media studies as approved by the academic advisor, and at least one of the following: 370, 375, 377, and 378. Only courses in the major completed with a grade of C- or better may be used to meet prerequisite requirements or count toward the major. No more than 45 credits from Mass Communication can be counted toward graduation. In addition, majors are strongly encouraged to either minor in other disciplines or double major. While 111 and 112 may be taken more than once, only one credit may be applied toward a Mass Communication major.

MEDIA STUDIES MINOR:  A total of 20 credits including: 111 or 112, 150, and 230; 3 courses from 327, 330, 335, 337, 343, 345, 347, 349, 351, and 450.Courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better to count toward the minor. The Media Studies minor is not available to Mass Communication majors.