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Academic Advising Faculty and Advisors

Japanese and Japanese Studies

CO-Chairs: Sonia P. Ticas, sticas, x2367, Walker 324;
Peter Richardson, prichard, Walker 322
Transfer Advisor: Christopher Keaveney, ckeaven, Walker 321
First-Year student contact: Christopher Keaveney, ckeaven, Walker 321

Japan has powerful economic and strategic influence among the Pacific Rim nations. Prestigious Japanese businesses--from auto manufacturers to high-tech corporations--have operations in the United States, and Japanese tourism to Hawaii and to the West Coast continues to increase.  Japanese games and animation also have an international appeal. Linfield offers an exciting range of study abroad programs to Japan and over half of Linfield students who study in Japan are awarded generous scholarships to help defray the costs of study abroad.



  • MLPH 101, 201, or 301
  • MLJP 240 Japanese Culture Today (No prerequisite)
  • NLJP 360 Topics in Japanese Civilization: Fiction to Film (No prerequisite) 


  • MLJP 102, 202, or 302


CORE: 40 credits including MLJP 202 and above; 360; MDLA 380 and 483; three years of Japanese, or equivalent level of proficiency (ACTFL Intermediate High) including one 300- or 400-level Japanese language course taken after study abroad; at least one course from among the following: TCCA 230, HIST 124, HIST 210, POLS 210, RELS 160/ PHIL 160, RELS 218, PHIL 375, or PHIL 470; one semester or more of study abroad; at least 12 credits taken abroad in Japan.

Minor: 20 credits in Japanese language courses numbered 202 and above and study abroad: Fall semester in Yokohama. Students normally earn 10 credits toward the minor during the required semester in Japan. The Japanese course taken abroad in August does not count toward the minor.

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