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International Business

Chair: Dr. Sharon Wagner, swagner, x2252, TJ Day 206
Transfer Advisor: Dr. Sharon Wagner, swagner, x2252, TJ Day 206
First-Year Student Contact: Professor Virlena Crosley, vcrosley, x2371, TJ Day 207

The following material is designed to help in advising students who wish to complete a B.A. or B.S. in Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management or Marketing. In addition, checklists of requirements for the department’s majors and minors (in Management and Sport Management) are available from the Business Department. 


BNAC 260 Financial Accounting, BNAC 261 Managerial Accounting and ECON 210

Principles of Economics are appropriate for new students. They serve as prerequisites for most other coursework in the department. (Students who plan to major in accounting should consult with an accounting advisor about the wisdom of postponing 260 until the first semester of their sophomore year.)

To enroll in most courses at or above BUSN 341, completion of MATH 140 Intro to Statistics (or equivalent), and MATH 160 Finite Mathematics with Calculus or above or equivalent are required. An alternative to MATH 160 is MATH 170 (Calculus I; the preferred option for students with a strong background in mathematics and/or an interest in graduate studies in business).

Business students are encouraged to complete some of their LC requirements during their freshman year.


FRESHMEN:     Virlena Crosley 
ACCOUNTING MAJORS:  David Korb, Rich Emery, Malcolm Greenlees, Mike Jones 
FINANCE MAJORS:  Madeleine Romero, Denise Farag 
INT'L BUSINESS MAJORS:  Michelle Nelson, Rich Emery, Tyler Laird-Magee 
MANAGEMENT MAJORS:   Virlena Crosley, Sharon Wagner 
MANAGEMENT MINORS:  Sharon Wagner (non-business majors, others work with major advisor in business) 
MARKETING MAJORS:   Michelle Nelson, Tyler Laird-Magee 
SPORT MGT MINORS:  Denise Farag 
BUSINESS LAW:    Denise Farag 
INTERNSHIPS:  Michelle Nelson