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Francophone African Studies

Co-Chairs: Dr. Sonia P. Ticas, sticas, x2367, Walker 324
Dr. Peter Richardson, prichard, x2249 Walker 322
Transfer Advisor: Dr. Christopher Keaveney, ckeaven, x2584, Walker 321
First-Year student contact: Dr. Christopher Keaveney, ckeaven, x2584, Walker 321

The major in French and Francophone African Studies reflects the opening of the French program to cultures and civilizations more representative of today’s Francophone world.  The French and Francophone African Studies major and minor will not only offer students an opportunity to study French language in the context of the culture of francophone West Africa, it will also enable them to learn more about Africa, a continent that is becoming increasingly vital to US national security, economy, and culture. 



  • An appropriate French language course
  • MLFA 230 Intro to African Studies 


  • MLFA 240 Modern African Thought- (Offered in English, no prerequisite) Critical analysis of tradition, colonial influences, and contemporary developments in modern African thought. Examination of the unique, sophisticated, and original conceptions of knowledge in African thought.


CORE: 46 credits in courses numbered 202 and above, including:MLFA 230 and 240; MLFR 301 and 302; MDLA 380; MDLA 483 or MLFR 490 (Honor Thesis – by departmental invitation only); MLFA 486; 2 additional courses taught in English by other departments on campus (see below) or at Gaston Berger in Senegal. Courses with a significant content related to Africa or people of African descent include: AAVC 210; ANTH 111; ENGL 305, 365; HIST 123, 125, 318; MUSC 080, 253; SOAN 265; courses with the same theoretical framework as African Studies (Postcolonial Studies, Gender Studies, Postmodern Studies, etc.) or that can be used as a background to understand African realities include: EDUC 302; PHIL 430 (if topic pertains to African Studies); POLS 210, 370 (if topic pertains to African Studies), 384; RELS 140, 210, 310, 452. While two semesters of study spent in Senegal, yielding at least 16 of the 46 required credits, are recommended, candidates for the major may need to study only one semester in Senegal. The required length of stay depends upon their French language proficiency and placement which will be determined by the French faculty when entering Linfield; and Study Abroad: Majors and minors in Francophone African Studies study in Senegal (Dakar and St. Louis).

23 credits including MLFR 202 and 301; MLFA 230 or 240; one course from another Linfield department from among those listed above for the major; and 9 credits taken abroad.

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