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French Studies

Co-Chairs: Dr. Sonia P. Ticas, sticas, x2367, Walker 324
Dr. Peter Richardson, prichard, x2249 Walker 322
Transfer Advisor: Dr. Christopher Keaveney, ckeaven, x2584, Walker 321
First-Year student contact: Dr. Peter Richardson, prichard, x2249 Walker 322
Dr. Thierry Durand, tdurand, x2474, Walker 315

French, spoken in 43 countries on 5 continents, is a major international language of diplomacy and trade.  France is the world’s seventh largest economy, the fourth largest destination of foreign investments in the world, and the number one tourist destination.  There are over 1,200 French companies in the U.S. and hundreds of American companies operate in France.



One of the following:

  • MLFR 101 Elementary French I
  • MLFR 201 Intermediate French I
  • MLFR 301 French Composition and Conversation- Guided practice in expository and narrative writing as well as in aural comprehension of Francophone films and documentaries. Discussion of a variety of cultural topics based on selections from various Francophone countries.


One of the following:

  • MLFR 102 Elementary French II
  • MLFR 105 Intensive Elementary French- An accelerated one-semester course that covers the material of 101 and 102. 
  • MLFR 202 Intermediate French II
  • MLFR 302 Introduction to French and Francophone Studies- Acquisition of techniques and tools to analyze recorded oral tradition, texts, and film as cultural artifacts from various Francophone countries.


CORE: 40 credits in language courses numbered 202 and above, including: MDLA 380, MLFR 485, MDLA 483 or MLFR 490; one course in Francophone African Studies; and Study Abroad:Majors and minors in French Studies study in France (Angers, Aix, or Marseille).The third year abroad normally yields at least 20 of the 40 required. The semester abroad yields at least 15 of the 40 credits required.

Minor: 20 credits in courses numbered 202 and above and Study Abroad:Majors and minors in French Studies study in France (Angers, Aix, or Marseille). Up to twelve credits may be available during the semester abroad, depending on program offerings.

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