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Academic Advising Faculty and Advisors


Chair: Dr. Gennie Harris, geharris, x2674, Potter 224
Transfer Advisors: Dr. Bob McCann, bmccann, x2237, Potter 114
First-Year Student Contacts: Dr. Steve Bernhisel, steveb, x2621, Potter 332
Dr. Gennie Harris, geharris, x2674, Potter 224

Teacher Education Program Requirements


  • EDUC 150 Foundations of Education; scores of 3 or above on related field experience
  • EDUC 230 Educational Psychology
  • Pass a basic skills test; NES EAS, CBEST, PPST, or West B

Other Courses:

  • EDUC 240 Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students (all students)
  • MATH 135 and 136 Math for Elementary Teachers I/II (EC/EL & EL/MS only)
  • HHPA 381 School Health Programs (EC/EL & EL/MS only)
  • EDUC 275 Teaching Art or MUSC 312 Musicianship for Elementary Teachers (EC/EL & EL/MS only)

Gate 1: Application to Teacher Education Program

Level 1 Field Experience and Continuing Coursework

  • EDUC 270 Becoming Early Childhood Teacher (EC/EL) or EDUC 290 Content Literacy and Development in Adolescence (EL/MS & MS/HS); scores of 3 or above on related field experience; complete OSP/FBI criminal background investigation.
  • EDUC 302 Diversity and Inclusion (all students)
  • EDUC 305 General Methods and Management (all students)
  • EDUC 401 Teaching Literacy I (EC/EL)
  • EDUC 450 Teaching Social Studies (EC/EL & EL/MS)
  • Remainder of "other courses" listed under pre-admission
  • Pass ORELA Protecting Civil Righst in the Educaitonal Environment exam (all students)
  • Scores of 3 or higher on the Major Advisor Form (MS/HS)

Gate 2: Application to Part-Time Student Teaching

Level 2 Content Methods and Part-Time Student Teaching

  • EDUC 402 Teaching Literacy II (EC/EL & EL/MS)
  • EDUC 448 Teaching Mathematics (EC/EL & EL/MS)
  • EDUC 449 Teaching Science (EC/EL & EL/MS)
  • EDUC 430 Content Methods for Middle & High School Teachers (MS/HS)
  • Pass NES Elementary I and II exam (all students)
  • Scores of 3 or higher on Student Teaching Assessment and Recommendation for Full-Time Student Teaching; Grade of C or above in part-time student teaching seminar

Gate 3: Approval for Full-Time Student Teaching

Level 3 Full-Time Student Teaching

  • Score of 3 or higher on Student Teaching Assessment; Grade of C or above in full-time student teaching seminar


EC/EL Teach age 3 to grad 8 in a self-contained classroom
EL/MS Teach grades 3-8 in a self-contained classroom or grades 5-10 at the middle level in a specific content area
MS/HS Teach grades 5-12 at the middle or high school level in a specific content area classroom

Additional Requirements:

  • No grade lower than C in major and licensure coursework
  • Minimum 2.74 GPA in major, licensure, and cumulative coursework
  • Ongoing recommendation for Linfield College Education Department
  • Adherence to the Linfield College Education Department Professional Characteristics
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