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Academic Advising

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Chair: Dr. T.J. Reinert, treinert, x2468, Murdock Hall 122
Transfer Advisor: Dr. T.J. Reinert, treinert, x2468, Murdock Hall 122
First-Year student Contact: Dr. Liz Atkinson, eatkins, x2621, Murdock Hall 115

The Department of Chemistry offers a sequence of courses to provide a solid background for employment as a professional chemist or for graduate training in the various branches of chemistry. Courses are organized so that certain parts of the sequence can provide a foundation of chemical knowledge for pre-professional students or for majors in departments requiring chemistry.  We are among the institutions approved by the American Chemical Society for undergraduate education in Chemistry.  



CHEM 210 + Lab **see first bullet below under Advising Information

One of the following:

  • MATH 170
  •  BIOL 210 + Lab 


CHEM 211 + lab

Next MATH in sequence –OR– BIOL 211

Any LC course other than NW 


Students considering a Chemistry major should:

  • Have taken the on-line Chemistry Placement Exam during the summer to verify that they are ready to take CHEM 210; recommendation should be in file
  • Pick up a description of the major and a suggested 4-year course sequence from the Chemistry Department
  • Complete CHEM 321/322 Organic Chemistry and PHYS 210 by the end of their sophomore year
  • Try to complete MATH 175 Calculus II by end of Jan. Term of their sophomore year

CORE: 40 credits including: CHEM 210, 211,321, 322, 330, 335, 340, 361, and 362 with remaining credits from the following: CHEM 351, 381, 382, 383, 480, or 490 Research or Thesis. 

MINOR: 20 credits, including 210, 211, 321, 322, and at least 4 additional credits in the department from courses numbered 335 or higher.

Notes: In addition to those courses in the chemistry department, PHYS 210, 211 and MATH 170, 175, 200, 210 are prerequisites or recommended for several upper division chemistry courses.