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Academic Advising Faculty and Advisors


Chair: Sharon Wagner
Transfer Advisor: Sharon Wagner
First-Year student contact: Tyler Laird-Magee, Virlena Crosley

The following material is designed to help in advising students who wish to complete a B.A. or B.S. in Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management or Marketing. In addition, checklists of requirements for the department’s majors and minors (in Management and Sport Management) are available from the Business Department.


BUSN 260 Financial Accounting, BUSN 261 Managerial Accounting and ECON 210

Principles of Economics are appropriate for new students. They serve as prerequisites for most other coursework in the department. (Students who plan to major in accounting should consult with an accounting advisor about the wisdom of postponing 260 until the first semester of their sophomore year.)

To enroll in most courses at or above BUSN 341, completion of MATH 140 Intro to Statistics (or equivalent), and MATH 160 Finite Mathematics with Calculus or above or equivalent are required. An alternative to MATH 160 is MATH 170 (Calculus I; the preferred option for students with a strong background in mathematics and/or an interest in graduate studies in business).

Business students are encouraged to complete some of their LC requirements during their freshman year.

Business Advisors

Freshman Virlena Crosley
Transfer Students  Sharon Wagner 
Accounting Major David Korb, Rich Emery, Malcolm Greenless, Mike Jones
Finance Majors  Madeleine Romero, Denise Farag
Int'l Business Majors Michelle Nelson, Rich Emery, Tyler Laird-Magee
Management Majors  Virlena Crosley
International Business Rich Emery, Sharon Wagner
Internships Michelle Nelson
Transfer Advisor Sharon Wagner

Business Majors

Major Course # Course Name
Business Core Classes* BUSN 260 Financial Accounting
BUSN 261 Managerial Accounting
BUSN 340 Business Law I
BUSN 301 Management
BUSN 321 Marketing
BUSN 341 Financial Managment
*Pre-requisites: MATH 140 Intro to Stats, MATH 160 Finite Math, and ECON 210 Principles of Economics
Accounting BUSN 361 Introduction to Accounting I
BUSN 362 Introduction to Accounting II
BUSN 468 Tax Accounting
BUSN 461 Cost Accounting
BUSN 469 Auditing
BUSN 466 Advanced Accounting
International Business (must take BUSN 495, and any three of the listed courses) BUSN 495 Strategic Managment
BUSN 410 International Management
BUSN 426 International Marketing
BUSN 331 International Economics
BUSN 333 International Monetary Economics
BUSN 443 International Finance
BUSN 435 International Business Law
BUSN 480 Independent Study
BUSN 487 Internship
Finance BUSN 444 Financial Theory
BUSN 441 Financial Institutions
BUSN 447 Investments
BUSN 495 Strategic Management
Marketing (BUSN 495 required, and any three of the listed courses) BUSN 495 Strategic Management
BUSN 420 Sales and Sales Management
BUSN 421 Promotions Management
BUSN 426 International Marketing
BUSN 427 Topics in Marketing
BUSN 480 Independent Study
BUSN 487 Internship
Management (BUSN 405 and 495 required, and any two of the listed courses) BUSN 405 HR Managment
BUSN 495 Strategic Management
BUSN 407 Organizational Behavior
BUSN 410 International Managment
BUSN 423 Entrepreneurship
BUSN 436 Topics in Management
BUSN 480 Independent Study
BUSN 487 Management Internship
BUSN 340 Persuasion & Social Influence
BUSN 430 Topics in Human Communication
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