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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Chair: Anne Kruchten, akrucht, x2464, Graf 204A
Transfer Advisor: Anne Kruchten, akrucht, x2464, Graf 204A
First-Year student contact: Anne Kruchten, akrucht, x2464, Graf 204A

The degree requires a sequence of courses which provide a background research in biomolecular sciences for employment at the bachelor’s level or graduate training in related areas. It also provides preparation for students wanting to enter professional training programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or other health professions. 

BIOL 210 & 211 (Principles of Biology) and CHEM 210 & 211 (General Chemistry) are prerequisites for most Biology and Chemistry courses and are required for all Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors. Students should enroll in these courses as soon as possible in their academic careers.



  • Students should seriously consider taking the yearlong sequences of General Chemistry ** and Principles of Biology at the beginning of their academic careers, as these are prerequisites for all upper division courses. Students should consult with their academic advisors to select an enrollment option: 
    • Students with excellent high school science and math preparation may elect to enroll in both the General Chemistry ** and Principles of Biology sequences during their first year. This is the preferred option as it offers the most scheduling flexibility, but it is the most challenging academically.It may be beneficial to also talk with a member of the Faculty Committee listed above.
    • Students may also elect to take one of the sequences during the first year and the other sequence during the second year.  A student should consider his or her high school math and science preparation and any college placement information during a discussion with the academic advisor to make this decision. Again, a conversation with a member of the Faculty Committee above may be helpful. 
  • Mathematics – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology students must complete mathematics courses through MATH 175: Calculus II. Review the math placement form and continue in the appropriate mathematics course.
  • Complete schedule with LC courses that are not NW courses or courses to explore other potential majors and/or minors. 


  • Continue science course sequence
  • Continue math course sequence
  • Complete schedule with LC courses or courses to explore potential majors and/or minors.
  • Consider opportunities for research during the summer after your first year. 



Required courses for the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major total 49 credits and include CHEM 210, 211, 321, 322, 361, and 440; BIOL 210, 211, 400, and 441; BCMB 486; and an additional 7 credits from courses that count toward either the Chemistry major or the Biology major. PHYS 210, 211 and MATH 170, 175 are prerequisites.


**Students planning to enroll in CHEM 210 should have taken the online Chemistry Placement Exam during the summer to verify readiness to take CHEM 210; recommendation should be in file

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