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Chair: Dr. Amy J. Orr, aorr, x2549, Walker 215
Transfer Advisor: Amy J. Orr, x2549, Walker 215
First-Year Student Contact: Amy J. Orr; Tom Love, tlove, x2504, Walker 218; Rob Gardner, rgardne, x2677, Walker 216 

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology offers a rigorous interdisciplinary sociology-anthropology curriculum with breadth across the sociology-anthropology core and depth in each major. The Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Linfield offers majors in both disciplines, yet combines several core courses so that students gain a broader perspective and understanding of human behavior.



  • Any 200-level class, ANTH 111, ANTH 112


  • Any 200-level class, ANTH 111


A semester abroad is required for anthropology majors; a semester abroad or a January Term travel course is strongly recommended for sociology majors. 

Many courses in the Sociology-Anthropology curriculum meet the IS, US, or GP requirements in the Linfield Curriculum.  Courses carrying other LC designations include:

NW:  ANTH 105, ANTH 290 (105 and 290 are cross-listed with BIOL) 
VP:  ANTH 112 
UQ:  SOAN 210, SOAN 221, SOAN 240 
CS:  SOAN 251, ANTH 255, ANTH 355 
QR:  SOAN 307 
EL:   SOAN 040, SOAN 439, SOAN 487 

The MWI requirement is met by successful completion of a 400-level seminar (404, 454, 456, 460, or 465).


The Department of Sociology and Anthropology has three designations: SOCL, ANTH, and SOAN.  SOAN courses receive credit for either major (sociology or anthropology), while the first two designations are major-specific.  Students are encouraged to take any 100-level and 200-level courses in their first two years.  Introductory courses (100-level) are primarily for first and second-year students interested in exploring anthropology or sociology as a major.  The 200-level courses have no pre-requisites and are available to all students, major or non-major. Students are urged to take 200-level courses to explore their personal interests, or according to how those classes may relate to their own future major.

Students who would like to declare a major in sociology or anthropology can do so within the timeframe specified in the college catalog. In general, due to course sequencing, declaring prior to the start of the junior year is fairly important; declaring after this point may delay the completion of their degree (this is dependent upon courses already completed). At the time that the student declares, he/she should select an advisor. Options for sociology advisors are Amy J. Orr and Robert Gardner; options for anthropology advisors are Tom Love and Hillary Crane. Students who are not familiar with any members of the faculty should see the chair of the department. The advisor/chair can help the student to establish a plan for completing the major and discuss elective classes that would interest/benefit the student as he/she progresses through his/her academic career. [Please note that a sample four-year plan is not available, as plans are highly flexible/variable. Students interested in a sociology or anthropology major should see a member of the full-time faculty to review potential options.


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