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ECON 398 Island Economics: Economic Development in Samoa
Professor Eric Schucck 

4 credits (QR or GP)  Program Fee: $4200  Estimated Air: $2000 

NURS 298 Health Care in New Zealand
Professor Kim Kintz and Professor Henny Breen

4 credits (IS or GP)  Program Fee $5000  Estimated Air: $2200                  

PHIL 398/RELS 398: Religion and Socio-political Philosophy in the Himalayas
Professor Kaarina Beam and Professor Dave Fiordalis
4 credits (UQ or GP)            Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $2000

HHPA 398 Health Care in Kenya
Professor Vivian Tong and Professor Tara Lepp
4 credits (GP or IS)                Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $2700
*This course is designed for nursing students who will be on the Portland campus fall 2014.

MLSP 298/HIST 298 Cityscapes & Cultural Encounters:
Andalusian Spain and Morocco
Professor Sonia Ticas and Professor Dawn Nowacki
4 credits (GP or VP)                Program Fee: $5000            Estimated Air: $1600

AAVC 398: Vienna 1900: Modern Art, Freud and Wittgenstein
Professor Brian Winkenweder
4 credits (CS or IS)                Program Fee $5000               Estimated Air: $1600

MSCM 398 Mass Media in the European Union
Professor Michael Huntsberger
4 credits (IS or GP)                Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1600                       

ENGL 398 Creative Writing in the UK
Professor Lex Runicman
4 credits (CS)                         Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1500