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NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in Thailand
Professor Suchawadee Yimmee & Professor Julie Fitzwater
4 credits (IS or GP)                 Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1900

POLS/ENGL 298 From Colonialism to Globalism: U.S Foreign Policy, Politics, and Culture in Southeast Asia
Professor Patrick Cottrell & Professor David Sumner
4 credits (Vp or IS or GP)       Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1900

BIOL 398 Microbiology of Extreme Environments
Professor Anne Kruchten & Professor Jeremy Weisz
4 credits (NW)                      Program Fee: $4300              Estimated Air: $1000

NURS 398 Healthcare in Peru 
Professor Henny Breen & Professor Kim Kintz
4 credits (GP)                      Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $2000
*This course is designed for nursing students who will be on the Portland campus fall 2015.

EDUC 398 Multicultural Experiences in Education: Culture and Education in Puerto Rico
Professor Nancy Drickey & Professor Bob McCann
4 credits (GP)                      Program Fee: $4300              Estimated Air: $1000

ECON 398 Economics of Association Football (Soccer) in the U.K.
Professor Randy Grant
4 credits (GP or IS)               Program Fee $5000               Estimated Air: $1500

THTR/AAVC 398 Theatre and Visual Arts in Great Britain
Professor Janet Gupton & Professor Liz Obert
4 credits (CS or GP)               Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1500

CHEM/MLGR 398 The Art, Science, and Culture of Brewing in Europe
Professor Gudrun Hommel & Professor Brian Gilbert

4 credits (NW or GP)               Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1600


ENGL 398 Dante and His World

Professor Katherine Kernberger

4 credits (CS)                           Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1600


MATH 298 Traversing the Eulerian Trail
Professor Chuck Dunn
Prerequisites: 170 with 175 strongly recommended

4 credits (no LC's)                  Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1600


MUSC 398 Norwegian & Sami Culture and Music: Hurtigruten Voyage and Nordlys Festival of Music in Tromsø
Professor Joan Paddock & Professor Susan Barnes Whyte

4 credits (CS or GP)               Program Fee: $5000              Estimated Air: $1600



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