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The International Programs Office (IPO)

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The International Programs Office (IPO) provides the opportunity to participate in a wide range of cultural experiences through international study, in preparation for living and working successfully in a multicultural world.  Three opportunities for study abroad are offered:  semester, January Term, and academic year abroad.

  • Semester and year abroad sites include Australia, Austria, China (Beijing and Hong Kong), Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Senegal, and Spain (Spanish majors only).  Linfield provides the cost of the first round trip air transportation from Portland to the study abroad destination outside of the continental U.S., either for the January Term or semester/year abroad program during the academic year.  The number of students in each program is limited since selection is competitive.  On the basis of an application, supporting documents, and a personal interview, a selection committee judges each applicant in terms of motivation and preparation for a study abroad experience.

  • Each year approximately 10-12 January Term off-campus courses are offered at domestic and international locations.  (First-year students must successfully complete one semester at Linfield before applying for Jan Term off-campus courses.)  During this intensive month of study, students focus on a single academic course of 4 credits designed to foster global awareness, develop insights into major issues of our time, and deepen understanding of American society.

  • Students majoring in a foreign language must study abroad for one academic year.  The Department of Modern Languages and the International Programs Office assist students in identifying appropriate institutions where this requirement might be fulfilled.  In addition, majors in Anthropology, Business and Intercultural Communication must also spend a semester abroad.

Approximately 80-110 international students from 22 countries are enrolled at Linfield.  Countries recently represented include Australia, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Japan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Mongolia, Netherlands, Korea, Malaysia, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, and Norway.  Some international students may need to concentrate their studies first in the English Language and Culture Program.  See Advising International Students Who Are Non-native Speakers of English.

The International Club is one of the most popular clubs on campus.  It offers an active schedule of international presentations, specialty dinners, and field trips.

IPO Contacts

  • Shaik Ismail, Director - x2228,

  • Michele Tomseth, Assistant Director - x2434,

  • Sandra Lee, English Language and Culture Program Chair - x2503,

  • Marie Schmidt, Program Assistant, x2222,

  • Tiffany Burgess, Financial Officer, x2381,

  • Shannon Dunn, Friendship Family Coordinator/Community Liaison, x2381,

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