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Important Dates for Linfield Study Abroad Programs

Jan Term 2016 Courses Abroad

  • January, 2015 - Jan Term 2015 announcements out.  Applications available ONLY on-line at
  • February 20, 2015  Jan Term 2015 APPLICATIONS DUE

Semester Abroad Programs

  • Fall, 2014 Applications available ONLY on-line at:
  • October 1, 2014 - Applications due at IPO, Melrose 025 Note: Freshmen apps due in spring.
  • February 20, 2015- Freshmen and late applications due to IPO, Walker Hall
  • March 13-14, 2015- Mandatory Orientation Weekend, Jonasson Hall. Fri 4-6pm; Sat 8:30 am-5pm 

Linfield Study Abroad Programs and Curricular Planning: Four Models

Model  A - Linfield designed programs  (pre-approved courses).

Language + history/culture/politics + special topics appropriate for the location

  • Austria
  • Costa Rica
  • Japan (Kanto Gakuin University)
  • Senegal (Dakar for Francophone African Studies minors only)

Model B - Selected courses in English at host institution for short-term students.  Students with adequate proficiency in the native language may enroll in other courses.

  • Beijing – courses offered by the China studies Program at Peking University
  • Galapagos, Ecuador – courses offered in English through USFQ; especially appropriate for science students.
  • Germany – courses offered in English; German language available
  • Hong Kong – 200 + level elective courses
  • Korea – Korean language and electives
  • Norway - Norwegian language and approximately 40 electives available in business, education, engineering, fine art and drama, health sciences, journalism, and nursing 

Model C – General listing of regular university courses with some restrictions at host institution (minimum 3.0 GPA required, except for 2.75 in Ecuador, 3.2 in Beijing).

  • Australia
  • England (English and Psychology departments have more restrictions and fewer courses available to short-term students)
  • Ireland
  • Ecuador (Galapagos: especially appropriate for science students)
  • New Zealand

Model D – Students preferred to have a minimum of two years of language.  General listing of regular university courses with some restrictions at host institution. (Minimum 2.75 GPA required; 3.0 required for Barcelona)

  • Ecuador (USFQ, Quito)
  • France (Aix, Marseilles, Angers)
  • Japan (Rikkyo University, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo; Doshisha University, Kyoto) Japanese majors only
  • Senegal (Dakar & St. Louis – Francophone African Studies majors only)
  • Spain- Spanish majors only (Spanish Studies Abroad-Seville, Alicante or Barcelona)

I.  Pre-approved courses for programs in Model A: see "Curricula Guideline"  
II. Sample curricular plans and pre-approval for courses in programs in Models B, C, and D:  
    1. Check university website for course listing  
    2. Select courses     
    3. For major/minor, review of courses must be done by the relevant department; for the LC, review is conducted
        by the Registrar (Preliminary Course Approval Form) 
    4. In general, students need to be both flexible and diligent