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To satisfy the Linfield Curriculum requirements for each Mode of Inquiry, the Upper Division course and the diversity designations, a student must demonstrate meeting the learning objectives of that mode or designation by choosing an assignment, or collection of assignments to post in an online repository. The choice of these exemplars must be supported with a paragraph description. To receive credit for the Mode of Inquiry or Diversity designation these exemplars must be posted by the last day of finals of the semester the course was taken.

Taskstream FAQs

“What is an exemplar?”
An exemplar is a model, a sample or an example that demonstrates the student’s mastery of the learning outcomes for a course. This may be a paper, digital image of a work of art, or any other product required by the course.

“How do I post my exemplars to the ePortfolio or online repository?”
You will be provided with access to the ePortfolio system, which is called Taskstream. This system is an online tool that provides students with the ability to create and maintain a digital portfolio. You can access Taskstream from the link on the Current Students page or go to Taskstream. Login using your CatNET Username and Password. You should not be charged for the use of Taskstream, but you will need to set up your account. Contact Amy Scholer at if you have questions about your Taskstream account.

“Where do I find the learning objectives for the particular mode of inquiry that I want to demonstrate?”
The learning objectives for each mode of inquiry are listed in the Linfield Course Catalog and on the course syllabus. You can also find them in your Linfield Curriculum portfolio on Taskstream.

“Is posting an exemplar in my ePortfolio required in order to earn the credits and the final grade in the course?”
Your grade in the course is earned by meeting the learning objectives that the professor has established and is separate from posting an exemplar of your learning to your e-portfolio. However, while this process does not affect your grade for the course in any way, the course cannot be used to meet an LC for degree requirements unless an exemplar and rationale are posted by the end of the semester in which the course is taken.

“Is there a deadline for posting material to meet the LC requirement?”
Yes, an exemplar and statement must be posted by the last day of finals of the semester the course is taken.

“Can I submit the same material for more than one LC?”
Yes. However, the student must eventually choose which LC the course will meet.

“Will I have access to my ePortfolio after I graduate from Linfield, and for how long?”
Yes, you may maintain your portfolio after graduation and can add other items to it over time to augment your resume. You will be required to pay a fee to renew your subscription, but you can “pack” your portfolio and take it with you before your account expires.

“Who will evaluate my completion of the ePortfolio for each mode of inquiry in the Linfield Curriculum?”
Your ePortfolio will not be evaluated each time you submit an exemplar. You will be required to show that it is complete before you graduate. At this time, there is no way to link the information in your ePortfolio with the information on your Program Evaluation in WebAdvisor. Before you graduate, the two will be reconciled.

Instructions for uploading exemplars and supporting work to TaskStream are located at: