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Academic Advising Faculty and Advisors

Advising Practice Recommendations

  1. Establish/maintain regular contact with all advisees:
    • Email advisees
    • Schedule regular meetings with all advisees (once a semester, minimum)
    • Schedule more frequent meetings with advisees who are struggling academically or receive academic alerts
  1. Establish positive relationships with all advisees:
    • Recognize advisees and be able to call them by name
    • Educate students about advisor and advisee roles and responsibilities
    • Maintain up-to-date advising notes
    • Show an interest in students' lives
  1. Provide accurate and timely information about the college and its programs:
    • Know departmental and college requirements
    • Refer to Transfer Coordinator and Registrar for info on transfer equivalencies and degree audit information
    • Know guidelines for Financial Aid limitations/SAP holds or refer to Academic Advising or Financial Aid offices
    • Know department and college deadlines and communicate pertinent information to advisees
    • Know and be able to refer students to the appropriate resources and services
  1. Adopt a developmental approach to help advisees become independent learners and self-reliant problem solvers:
    • Foster development of advisees' decision-making skills
    • Coach students on appropriate ways to advocate for themselves
  1. Enhance advisees' Linfield experience:
    • Encourage appreciation for diversity at Linfield
    • Promote study abroad opportunities
    • Promote involvement in internships, experiential learning, and professional organizations
  1. Maintain a high degree of professionalism:
    • Maintain posted office hours
    • Keep advising appointments
    • Keep up to date on changing departmental and university requirements
    • Prepare for advising appointments and document advising sessions
    • Support college requirements and programs
    • Maintain a positive attitude regarding departments, colleagues, and programs
    • Conform to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) by sharing a student's records only with those individuals with a legitimate need to know. A legitimate need to know is defined as needing information in order to fulfill one’s professional responsibility. Take care not to share confidential information verbally or otherwise. 


Encourage your students to change advisors if they choose a major in a different department. Refer them to the Academic Advising Office and discuss different faculty in the other department. Also, encourage your students to change advisors if you feel a successful, working relationship is not present between you and your advisee. Help them understand that you want them to have the best educational experience possible.

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